How to Make Free Calls and Messaging with Viber App for Your Android

Viber is becoming an intrinsic app for those who spend their time messaging or calling to their dear ones. Easy to use interface of this app is gaining popularity due to increase of fanatic buffs, which are bound to Viber for its free features like voice calling, messaging and chatting.

Apart from conventional calling, Viber allows its users to users to make calls over the internet by means of 3G or Wi-Fi. Emerging as a most liked mobile VoIP provider, Viber has over 200 million subscribers, including almost every country of the world.

Viber app for Android is a highly acclaimed app available on Google Play. It has a high rating as well as bagged rave reviews. This clearly indicates its strength against contemporary messaging platforms.

Viber could be very useful to the people who spend a large fraction of day messaging or calling others individually or in a group.

Viber for Android comes with these features

  • Facility of High Definition voice calling with no charges at all!
  • Support of group messaging (up to 100 participants at once)
  • Sharing of photos, video and voice recordings, locations etc.
  • Availability of sticker market, which provides numerous funny stickers aka emoticons
  • Complete integration with the phone and push notification to ensure you never miss a call or text message, no matter if you are away from Viber
  • Offers support to Viber applications released for Windows 8.1, Desktop and Macintosh.
  • Seamless use with no advertisement
  • Completely FREE!

The latest version of Viber comprises of with support to the phones running on Android 2.2 or above. The size of the app is nearly 20MB. It installs instantly. At first start, asks for your mobile number to register on Viber network. Unlike contemporary mobile VoIP providers, Viber does not ask for registering with a separate ID or password, which is a neat feature!

All required processes are performed in background like auto synchronization of your contact book with the server and look up for the preregistered contacts. This is the thing; other application providers should take a lesson from. 

More in the new version

  • Call blocking feature
  • New look and feel, mixing completely with the latest Android update
  • Call Transfer facility to and from the desktop
  • Status indicator
  • Revamped voice engine for enhanced sound quality
  • Video and Photo captions

Viber is regarded as the best app concerning to its usability and customer satisfaction. About 1 million “5 star rating” and a half million “4 star rating” on Google Play prop upon this. To reach every corner of the world, Viber comes with the support of more than 30 languages.

Pros of Viber

It can be an all free solution for those who communicate with their relatives and friends via messages and calls.

Cons of Viber

It restricts internet calling and messaging over the internet to contacts out of Viber community.

All in all, as a free solution to your mobile communication needs, Viber is a perfect solution.

For exploiting the Viber app to the fullest, timely update it from the Google Play as the update fixes minor bugs as reported by the users.


  1. Viber is offering free service for all of the world, except paid service such as calling from internet-based to phone number. There’s no fee at all if you make a call or text from internet user to internet user.

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