How to Install Whatsapp Messenger App on Your PC or Mac

In the race of instant messaging, Whatsapp have come up as a sole winner. A huge fan base because of availability on every mobile platform and alluring features are the secret of its popularity. After the recent acquisition by social media giant Facebook, we hope it will include some major feature additions in coming future.

Apart from its availability on almost every mobile platform, developers have not yet shown their interest in providing Windows centric variant of this popular messaging application. Possibly they have constrained it to the mobile devices only. People often ask me if there is any way to Whatsapp on their PC. Yes, it is, but after applying some tweaks and tricks.

Here I have described the whole process of Installing Whatsapp on a PC whether Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP, but the software mentioned in this tutorial is available on Macs also.


  1. A working PC with Windows installed.
  2. Working internet connection (to download and install software and apps)
  3. Any one of these Android emulating softwares like Bluestacks (available for Mac also), You Wave or if you are an advanced user, Latest Google android development kit.
  4. A lot of patience

Android emulators are programs that usually depict android architecture on your PC and, thus, help you in utilizing Android, but with some limitations.

To remove confusion, I prefer you to use Bluestacks. It will solve all your purposes of Whatsapp as well as other amazing apps. The latest version supports Google Play, app market of Google specific to android stuff. You can enjoy playing your favorite game like Fruit Ninja, use other cool apps too.

So here are the steps. Follow them as specified:

Step 1        

Download Bluestacks from here. Note that you have to choose the version specific to either Windows or Mac. Run the downloaded exe file.

The program will install automatically after downloading updates over the internet. Set it up for the initial use.

Step 2        

Open Bluestacks and complete registration with Google Play using a Google account. If you haven’t one, register in app at no cost at all.

After all this, open Google Play and search for Whatsapp. Download it and install.

Step 3        

Open Whatsapp in Bluestacks and follow the registration steps. At first, you will need to enter the country code and then your mobile number. Click next. You will be prompted to select a verification medium. From the drop down list, select anyone from SMS or Call.

You will get an SMS or a call accordingly. Input the verification code in the box, finally press OK.

Note: Sometimes it takes up to 5 minutes to send the SMS or call. Here your patience will be tested!

Step 4        

After successful verification, you will have to enter your name. Select a profile picture so that your friends find you easily.

In between, check whether the “add Whatsapp to main screen” option is ticked. If not, then tick it. This will create a shortcut of Whatsapp on the home screen.

Now open the app and start messaging with your friends. Make sure your contacts are saved in a set format of + (Country code) (Mobile Number) so as to use this app for international commutes too.

Final Note:

Whatsapp messenger is the only messenger that allows users, which are identified by their mobile numbers, to remain registered on only one device, either on your phone or on the PC. This may look awkward, but it is the only limitation of using Whatsapp on your PC.

Don’t forget to share your way of using Whatsapp on PC in the comment section below.