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How to Increase Website Traffic without Link building

In the present web scenario, after Penguin and Panda, link building has lost the sheen it had in the past. The result of the new changes in search engine ranking requirements is that link building is not an important criterion anymore. Link building is a definite way to generate traffic, but it is not the only option you have and in my opinion is not an important one anyway.


No link Building

So for those of you who think that ranking starts and ends with link building, I’ve outlined some ways in which you can generate traffic to your site without link building and violating the search engine guidelines set by Google.


Content Rules

In spite of all the new advances in SEO techniques and social networking strategies, the only factor that remains constant is quality content. This is the ultimate way to gain traffic and retain them too. Statistics prove that quality content increases the traffic rate to more than 10%.

Including signals like Article markup, Google+ Authorship, logo markup, First click free etc., to your site’s HTML can make your quality content get to the front page of the search engine.

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Optimize Content

This is a vital part that I’d suggest you to focus more on. Some ways in which you do this are:

  • Coin eye catching titles that draw both the audience and the search engines. The keyword should be at the beginning of the title.
  • The introduction and end note should be compelling and well related to the topic you’re writing about.
  • Add proper heading, sub heading, and include images appropriately.
  • Meta description is for the search engines. Make sure it is around 150 words. For Meta keywords, use the Google Keyword Planner tool and then finally add the Meta tags though this is not being used as a criterion by Google for ranking.
  • The url should be short, precise, and simple with a short permalink and keyword.


Keyword optimized content

Website Design

If your website is not mobile responsive, you are losing out a big chunk of traffic. I think even more important than the responsive design is the loading time. This is a fast paced world we live in. No one is going to wait till your site takes its own sweet time to load. Even if you feature great content, if it doesn’t load up soon, you cannot drive traffic to your site.

Give Priority to Audience

Everything you do from the Google+ images you create to the content you post should be targeted at your audience. I’d suggest factoring in the international audience too, when you post your content and optimize it. Also remember that Google+ and Google search are connected and hence anything you post on Google + will be seen in Google search, but not so with the posts on Twitter or Facebook.


Promote through Videos

Video promotion is a great way to get traffic to your site. Video sharing sites like YouTube are the best tools to draw traffic. Create your own YouTube channel with an attractive name that is related to your niche. Upload your video, optimize it, and give the appropriate tags, description and titles. The link to your site can be shared here, so visitors get directed back to your website.


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Snippets Add Appeal

Videos remain the best factor for reaching the search results page. When you further optimize the videos with snippets of information like events, songs etc., you can generate organic visitors with fewer bounce rates. Songs, videos, events, and breadcrumbs are displayed by Google consistently, so you have a better chance of getting ranked higher and bring the traffic to your site.

Authorship Matters

Though I cannot guarantee you’d get more clicks because of the author photo making it to the search results, the appropriate photo can increase the click through rate. While using author photo, you need to consider factors like using good contrasting colors and real face instead of the company logo or an icon. The photo should be targeted on the audience you want to attract.

Update Regularly

There is no way out of this. You need to keep updating your site with fresh and appealing content. Search engines favor sites that update regularly. Your site gets bonus points and moves up the list in the search results which is how you get more traffic to your site. If you don’t update frequently, your content will become outdated and the visitors to your site will drop. Updating can be in any form like posting announcements or news, so a visitor sees some activity in your site.

Regular update


End Words

The best way to make your website attract traffic is to create a user friendly, shareable, fast, and responsive site. I’ve found that quality websites always score and do not need props like links to move them forward. On page SEO, functional, and competitive site creation are to my knowledge the best tools to direct traffic to your site.


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