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How to get more views on YouTube video in 2020



YouTube video

Hello, it is 2020! I presume you clicked on this article because you want to learn more about how you can get more views on your YouTube videos. To start with YouTube is relatively not a new platform. Since its first inception, it has now come of age having over 2 billion people who visit the site every month. In addition to this, it is the second largest search engine only coming second after google.

Surely, with such jostling numbers it is one of the most competitive sites. Competitions can only be won with a strategy. So, if you want to gain more views for your videos, it is high time to plan your 2020 YouTube strategy. You may want to buy YouTube views especially if you’re just starting. There are many YouTube marketing agencies that can help you gain more subscribers and views on YouTube.

If you don’t have a strategy yet we have compiled a list of tip or strategies that can help you amplify your videos and messages on YouTube for more views.

Always start with the basics. 

Do you want more YouTube views? Then, starting on the right foot is not an option. Make sure that your YouTube basics are updated. Look for beginner’s guides, get to know the basic requirements that you will need to get started. Before publishing any video, your bio should have the following.

  • A complete visual identity including your channel icon, art and more.
  • It should have complete About section
  • And an update contact information

Create useful and entertaining content. 

Audience retention on YouTube translates to more video views. The limiting side of the same is that there is no way you are going to retain your audience with boring content. That is why, if you are a YouTube content creator you need to up your creativity levels to attract more views.

Be aware of how the YouTube algorithm. 

Besides video sharing, YouTube also works as a search engine. and just like any search engine, you need to maintain online visibility if you want if you are to get the attention of views. So how are you going to maintain your visibility? You will need to optimise your video, for search engine recognition. This you will achieve through adequate video description.

  • Start by looking for something relevant and popular in your niche.
  • Use the right keywords and hashtags to describe your videos.
  • Optimise your default uploads, Titles, tags, and thumbnails.
  • And lastly, add a subscriber link.

Guest other YouTubers. 

If you happen to get notice of other YouTubers who are making it big in your niche, make connections with them. Starting a relationship with them by interacting with them, commenting on their videos and linking to their videos in your video descriptions. If you will be successful in attracting their attention, they will make a guest appearance to one of your videos and this will drive part of their viewers to check out your video and as a result, you will have added more viewers to your video.

Create a playlist.  

The idea behind playlists is that people are likely to keep watching what is in front of them. And now that a playlist includes videos that are continuously playing it is assumed that by clicking on a single video the viewer will continue watching more of your videos on the playlist thus increasing the number of views.

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