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How to Get More Shares On Your Facebook Posts



By: Claudio Miguel,

Having developed your social media strategy, built an exciting Facebook fan base for your company and promoted your online presence using various methods to grow a Facebook page, the only lacking component is having more shares on your Facebook posts to increase your engagement.

If you are looking to build your brand awareness and boost loyalty, you will highly value the likes and comments. However, if you are more oriented towards increasing the number of sales, you should place more emphasis on the link clicks and shares.

Shares are the ultimate way to reach as many users as possible. If you have branded your content correctly, it lets new users know that your practice exists and what it’s all about. Shares is the ultimate recipe to more followers, more eyeballs on your company’s website and more people considering your brand.

Well, having said that, how do you motivate your fans to share more posts from your Facebook page? Below are some of the simple ways to achieve this.

  1. Choose your images wisely

There are many Facebook post types, and images are one of the best. Viral posts begin with an eye-catching image, at least something that will elicit some reactions from your fans. Funny memes conveying thematic objectives are often a good choice. Pictures that are cute and fun can do as well. If you want to have something that will go viral, consider posting something that is somewhat totally outside the box, possibly a little edgy. Above all, ensure that it fits your business.

  1. Elicit strong reactions

Emotional appeals are the other efficient way to make people fired up and share your post, even unknowingly. Depending on your brand type and fan base, this can be a good strategy. However, you ought to learn the demographics of your followers extensively before sharing something that elicits a reaction.

  1. Keep your copy simple and powerful

The text that accompanies your post should be written carefully and powerfully. A powerful post will take your post far. Just like many people would tell their followers to “subscribe,” ”click here” or “follow,” the same strategy can be applied here. For this case, always include a sentence at the end of the post urging your followers to “Like and Share.”

  1. Post during peak hours

Like other social media platforms, Facebook has its own peak hours. According to recent research, Facebook user engagement goes to peak between 8pm and 7am. This is perhaps because most fans can’t access Facebook and even other social media sites during working hours. Posting during this periods is a key factor in increasing shares. Similarly, the same research uncovered that fans comment, like and share by 8 percent more on Wednesdays compared to other days of the week.

  1. Don’t focus on yourself

Your fans and Facebook users will share your posts for similar reasons they will discuss something they have heard, learnt or read. The item must have moved them either emotionally or in any other way to become of personal relevance. Therefore, don’t simply share an article, quote, image or a blog post blindly. Ask yourself what people will think.

If your fans comment on the post, nurture the interaction by responding to them. Besides the importance of having a two-way interaction with your fans through comments and likes, interactions also bring about uncovered shares, perhaps something critical to staying relevant.

  1. Write about timely topics, helpful tips, and resources

With the rapid, unpredictable changes with trending topics on Facebook community and the general social media landscape, there is plenty of fodder to share with insightful tips, new strategies, and many useful resources to put up on your page. Such posts can be lengthy featuring photos, videos or links. However, the point is that your Facebook fan base and the extended community will find this extremely valuable in reading and sharing.

  1. Minimize the use of first person

When it comes to Facebook posts, many people personalize and are big fans of writing in the first person when possible. This is quite understandable as it creates more warmth and better connection with your audience. Well, if you want to increase your shares, consider minimizing this. Experiment with writing posts that are more generic. Write in a tone that sounds like it was coming from others.

  1. Experiment with longer content

Despite our tip no. 3 above, note that Facebook recently increased the number of maximum post update size from the recent 420 characters to 5000. Well, the use of long posts should be minimally and cautiously. That said, you can try writing a mini-blog post, especially where you have perfect timely topics, insightful tips, and resources to share. Having long content provided it is timely, helpful and relevant can bring about more shares.

  1. Give some payoff

Posting emotional images, inspiring quotes, videos, and provocative statements can draw your fan’s attention. However, you need to understand that your audience will share what it deems share-worthy to their social media persona. The second reason, and perhaps more convincing is that users will share if it literally benefits them through either a special offer or a coupon.

In Conclusion

Shares can be the hardest form of engagement to get from Facebook. For sure, creating shareable posts can be a hit or a miss. However, by keeping the essential elements of shared posts mentioned above in your mind when posting to your Facebook page, you can maneuver around this. This results in your post reaching plenty of people and ultimately raising greater product awareness, something that works positively for your company.

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