how to get more retweets

Writing Tweets that Bring Retweets

Over the years, Twitter has inadvertently earned the reputation of being a medium where visibility doesn’t come easy.

However, the number of people who have shot to fame through the micro-blogging platform is proof enough to negate this theory.

If used right, Twitter is the best way to create a viral effect on your content and reach out to millions of users worldwide in fewer than 140 characters.

Wondering how?


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Well, through the magic of retweets. If how to get more retweets is your concern right now, these tips on writing compelling tweets will help you generate an unprecedented number of retweets.

how to get more retweets

Characters Count

Thinking that the limited 140-character count leaves little room for experimentation is the biggest mistake most people make.

Stuffing every tweet to capacity or using too little text can both prove counterproductive in your attempts to grab eyeballs and motivate your followers to retweet your content.

Research has established that tweets with 70-100 characters have the optimum scope for maximizing engagement.

The extra character space gives retweeters scope to add their comments or observations to your tweets, thereby increasing their involvement in the process and motivating them to hit the retweet button.

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Maintain the Human Touch

Irrespective of the reason you want to use Twitter to get your message across to a wider audience, it is important to bear in mind that you are interacting with real people here and therefore, maintaining the human element is of utmost importance.

When you hit a wall in terms of increasing your retweet count, it is natural to wonder whether should you just buy them? Irrespective of whether you take that recourse to salvage your online campaign, the endeavor should be to build connections with your real followers and generate organic retweets.

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Write For Your Audience

If your tweets are all about you all the time, people will gradually lose interest in what you have to say. Seriously, you are not the centre of anybody’s universe and nobody cares what’s your go-to breakfast, your favorite soap opera star, how great your partner is, how much you love the color red and so on.

In order to get people to retweet, you must write content that is engaging and of interest to your audience.

Share insights that are not just about you but about them, ask for their opinions, pose questions. Just remember that tweets that scream ‘me’ are given a silent burial as opposed to those that say ‘you’ or ‘we’.

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Keep Hashtags Relevant

One of the biggest boons and banes of Twitter is the hashtag. When used judiciously, it can improve the visibility of your tweets manifold and may even create trending topics and trigger debates and discussions.

However, hashtag can be an eyesore due to excessive use. Don’t hashtag everything, don’t squeeze in too many hashtags in a single tweet and don’t use hashtags just for the sake of using them.

Keep them relevant, precise and use them only if your content really requires it to put across a specific point or embed a crucial keyword.

Compressing a message in 140 characters without losing its punch and relevance is no child’s play, but with a bit of practice you can master the skill of writing impactful tweets that can earn you the all-important retweets.

  1. Anja Skrba

    Oh yes, mastering the skill to compress a message in 140 characters without losing its punch is great! And when you get there it’s so easy to put yourself into Twitter mode anytime. Nowadays, I catch myself having an opinion inside of my head and automatically transforming it to tweet 🙂

    Nice post Nisha, keep up the good work!