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How to Create PR 9 Backlinks in a Cool and Effortless Way

High PR backlinks have become the perfect SEO links to own in 2014.

Each and every website or blog owner’s main objective is to get top ranking in the search engines and boost Google ranking too.

For a higher rank in Google, I’d suggest that you have backlinks from free top PR standard websites. And the backlinks you get this way should be accompanied by Dofollow or nofollow characteristics.

There are SEO companies that charge a high price for getting you the pricey PR9 backlinks. But this is not necessary at all as there are ways by which you can create high PR9 backlinks without paying a dime.

Here is a simple superb way I recommend.

A Few Words on Pagerank

Pagerank is assessed by the number of links and their quality and this gives an estimated value on how important a website is.

It is only the important and popular websites that get more links to them.

For instance, sites like CNN, CNet etc., see huge traffic and they undoubtedly have a high PR.

When you get a backlink from these sites, your website‘s credibility increases in Google’s ranking.

What you need for good PR links

To get an ideal and top PR link it should possess qualities like:

  • Complete dofollow trait
  • A maximum limit of 10 links per page
  • Should be a permanent link
  • Placed on page directly with PR
  • Is clickable

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Creating a Free High PR 9 Backlink

If you’re looking for a high PR9 domain, I’d recommend as the ideal site.

It has numerous PR9 pages that let you form a solid backlink, provided you don’t spam it.

WordPress is the best in CMS software category and using is a great way for backlink creation.

The entire process is simple with all you need to do is create an account.

One way to get the desired backlink is creating an account in the WordPress support field.

Enter the address of your blog, which will result in automatic profile backlink done from WordPress.

Taking part in discussions and including the link of your blog in them is considered ideal for backlinks.

The steps to follow are:

Step 1.  Go to and click on support>forums as shown in the image below.




Step 2.  Register for a free account (as shown in the screenshot below) with entering your details. After registering, you will get the confirmation email.




Step 3.  After confirming your email, login to your account.




Step 4.  As you can see there are various categories/topics as shown in the above image, select any topic according to your choice and add new topic as marked in the screenshot below.


Add new topic


Step 5.  Now, submit any query related to your wordpress blog/website and also include your blog/website link and make sure that this link is clickable. Please submit the valid and unique query only as I done in the image below.


PR-9 link


After submitting your query is live and you can go to page source and see this is a dofollow backlinks for your blog as shown in the below screenshot.


dofollow link screenshot


Your backlink is created just like that. Isn’t it cool!


While you use the WordPress forum, you need to ensure that you use this option in the right manner as it is a free assistance forum.

The best way to go about it is answering the queries and placing a link for reference, while you explain a particular relevant point.

Posting a direct ‘visit my blog’ statement is not right and should be avoided.

When you introduce links, ensure that they are without anchor texts as it adds a natural look and blends well with the WordPress community in a more seamless way.

Wanna make PR 8 backlink too? This is a ‘must-read’ article by my colleague Enstine Muki.

Another way to go about getting PR9backlinks is to participate in the discussion and ask questions related to the concerned discussion and include your blog and its link in the question, while asking suggestions from the community.

If you post content like ‘visit my blog’ or ‘see more info on my site’, the chances of such discussions being deleted by moderators is more.

Remember when you create backlinks, focus on the quality instead of quantity to get in the search engine results page.

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    For a high authority site, you obtain 20 backlinks (all PR4) from it. Irrespective of the same domain, the backlinks will have their own weight. The weight may lose to 5 or 6 backlinks from different domains which are high authority sites too. Different domains (all PR4) will be more targeted when compared to more links from the same domain. However, the difference in getting traffic in both these cases depends on the sustaining authority the sites practice.

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