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How To Create An Animated Youtube Intro For Your Videos?



How To Create An Animated Youtube Intro For Your Videos?

YouTube! When one reads that what comes to their minds is nothing but a sea of videos for viewing. And this sea has tides of different flavours and colours, too. This video-sharing hub has a range of collections, right from how to cook lip-smacking dishes to how to have the right attire set for your work or party. Without a single doubt, this platform is highly useful for every person. So that was about life on YouTube. Indeed; that’s life on its own.

How to create an animated YouTube intro for your videos? We can answer this in a few easy questions. What kind of channel do you intend to start? Which category of the audience are you looking at? One can jot down the answers to make a study of whether you need an intro for your YouTube video or not.

Let’s assume one wants to publish a makeup tutorial. So, for this video channel, how would an intro be? It can be a regular DIY intro, or an expert platform can come to your assistance at a finger’s click. To understand this further on how an intro should be one needs to comprehend ‘CABANA’ through these pointers that come handy and are free of cost.

  1. Crisp – The intro needs to be crispy and short with the perfect amount of words in it that describe your video best. Moreover, when a person visits your channel, he/she is technically looking for your main video content, so you need to keep that in mind all the time and make the intro video not more than 10 seconds of the frame so that the visitor isn’t bored.
  2. Attractive – When we say attractive, it doesn’t mean you need to sign a model for this work and make him/her market your video. We suggest you can make it attractive in your own small way. One can add some good music to the background and some glittering special effects, and you’re good to go.
  3. Brand – When you launch your channel, all you are looking for is the maximum subscribers and viewers. So, keeping this in mind, one needs to create a brand image for their channel and line of expertise. This can be achieved by creating a logo or a tagline for the channel. Don’t forget that people remember symbols and logos very well. All you have to do is make them catchy and simple at the same time.
  4. Action plan – Point to be noted is that viewers are visiting your channel to know how to do a certain thing or to watch your experience of something because you’re an expert at something or they weren’t aware of your experience. So, keeping that in mind, come to the plan of action directly. One must also focus on keeping the language used easy to understand and engaging at the same time to increase the audiences’ interest in your channel and make them comfortable with your style. After posting your actual video, also engage the audience to visit back again, remind them to subscribe, ring a bell, comment on, etc.
  5. No auto-play – When one repeats something forcefully over and over again, it can be irate the viewer. So leave that onto them if they wish to see it over again. So switch off that auto-play button.
  6. Analyse – Lastly, check and recheck everything you have done to the video. Check the music, text, language, tone, background, lighting effects; in short, analyse your entire content over and over again. You might not realize at first, but to edit YT videos is another ball game altogether!

Now, once you are done with these CABANA points, you are ready to push the pedal and accelerate onto the world of digital business.

Having said this, one can also play it safe by signing up for any of these exclusive platforms for making their intro videos look professional and up to the mark.

List of the best platforms: 

InVideo – With the video editor’s brilliantly placed assortment of options, you can pick up anything, ranging from making cartoon video intro makers and cutting-edge stories to blogs, advertisements, posts, and invitations.

Placeit – This is also a simple platform to design your logos. If you are looking for branding your channel professionally, you can try this option. It has an array of templates and designs through which one can pick and choose what suits their channels’ needs.

Biteable – Here, one can create glossy to simple videos in a single sitting. One can upload their photos, logos and writings, and leave the rest to the platform.

Animaker – These guys have pre-built anime characters to make your videos livelier and engaging. They have varied styles like infographics, whiteboards or ready-to-use cartoons, too.

Motionden – This is a simple platform to make videos for all kinds of businesses, subject matter experts, professionals, etc.

So, here were some magic answers to all your video woes. Without any more dilemmas, create your preferable videos with the help of this spectacular software. Wish you all the best!

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