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How to Clean Up Your WordPress Site



How to Clean Up Your WordPress Site

Every website grows since the date it was launched. New written content is being added frequently along with the multimedia files. Themes and plugins occupy some space as well, and website functioning remains uninterrupted. However, over time, it could be overwhelmed and run slower. This could seriously affect users’ experience and consequently, the success of some blog or business.

We have to clean up our working desk from time to time to provide optimum working conditions, and it is the same with websites. You will manage the site easier, and the visitors would rate clarity and speed with five stars. There are a lot of ways how to clean up your WordPress website. Some of them are user-friendly while others are more complicated and not recommended.

With WordPress Reset plugin, maintaining a website is not a demanding job. Contrary to that, it resets your website in minutes and with almost no effort.

WP reset

When is the Right Time for Clean-Up?

How often you should perform the clean-up depends on your needs. Developers do it more often than the common users. In the beginning, the website is lightweight, but as soon as you create a large amount of various content, install themes and plugins, or even do some coding, the website will grow in size and take more time to load properly. Website’s other functions could be also compromised. This is a first warning after which you should think about cleaning up your website. Consider it regular maintenance which prevents bigger problems.

You can improve your website if you clear out the content you no longer need, you can optimize images and other large files, but to do it all manually will cost a lot of time and energy. Keep in mind that your website has to be fully operational all the time.

Poor performance affects your business directly. Themes and plugins you no longer need, or those you have installed just because you liked them can be a burden. Instead of keeping unnecessary tools, it is much better to pay attention to the plugins you need for image optimization, deletion of old post revisions or website reset. Most of them will do the task automatically but with your full control over the process. 

Do Not Be Afraid of Fresh Start

The website is like a living thing. It grows and changes, and it is inevitable to encounter some issues over time that come as a result of its work. You will be adding new posts and deleting some old ones. What the visitors of your website might see will be broken links. A lot of website owners are occupied with creating new content or developing features, and there is often little time for regular maintenance.

However, the proper maintenance is necessary and important if you do not want your website to load slower or you want to avoid the cluttered back end. Keep everything updated and fix every problem as soon as it pops up, but do not panic if your to-fix list becomes longer from day to day.

Maybe you just need a fresh start – to build a website from scratch. This is not a job you can do manually in a few hours, but you can do it automatically in minutes, which is a much better and more secure option. In this way, you avoid a huge risk of deleting some important files, especially if you are cleaning up your database. If you have cleaned up old tools and content, it is time to provide the new tool you will need to reset your website. 

Use WP Reset in the Way You Want

Web developers are constantly concerned with testing websites, customization, and efficiency. If the WordPress installation is fresh, testing is much easier and faster. In such an environment, you can also set up your website from scratch. Both processes are hard to be accomplished manually.

Therefore, WP Reset Plugin provides ideal opportunities to speed up the testing of new themes and plugins. Some users prefer command line while the others are one-click fans. One of the great advantages of the WP Reset is that it offers both options to restore default settings. Automatic Post-reset setup preserves current theme and plugins.

WP Reset

The main point is to think about what kind of reset do you need. If the complete reset is not necessary, there is no need to do it. Much better option is to use Selective reset tools instead. This will help you clean up your WordPress site from some specific content or individual tables. Regular maintenance complies with the latest standards and is of utmost importance for website consolidation. It will load fast and will improve users’ experience. Then you can further develop your business and attract new readers or customers. WP Reset plugin is recommended by many for its efficiency, reliability, and security thanks to exceptional fail-safe mechanisms.


After you have cleaned up your website, it is optimized an in much better shape than before. The important thing to remember is to create a backup every time before you decide to clean up. If you do it manually something might get wrong, and you’ll be grateful to have your data saved. Especially if you are cleaning the database. The plugin is in this case much better solutions since it does not change any important files. All tools having been built to serve the purpose of cleaning up websites are mainly used by advanced users. They require the user to be well informed and to know exactly to which part of the website they apply. Do not use all of the plugins if you do not need them. It will be counterproductive. It is much better if you think about what kind of content you do not need anymore, and then chose the plugin that deals with such content. Most people start with unused themes and plugins, posts revisions, unused media content, all the way to complete reset of the website. Maintaining the website includes also cleaning up comments and spams. Cleaning up the website leads to optimization and better performance, which is equally important for users’ experience and the st

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