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How to Choose the Perfect Tech Logo



It takes a consumer just 10 seconds to form a first impression of your brand logo. So, whether you’re just starting out or you’re rebranding, you need a killer tech logo to get prospects through the door.

What makes up the best tech logos, and how can you choose the right one for you? Keep reading to find out.

Keep it Simple

First things first, the best tech logos are clean and simple. Just think of Microsoft’s squares, or Apple’s, well, apple.

Your logo can be a tech symbol or, like Apple, it can be something that represents your business name. Whatever you choose, a simple logo will be easier for customers to recognize and remember.

Picture Perfect

Your brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. When you consider that incredible fact, you’ll realize why so many big brands have opted for an iconic image in their logo.

Starbucks, Nike and Mastercard are all great examples of this, and have logos you can call to mind in an instant. And McDonald’s have adapted so their golden arches are the focal image in their simple but effective logo.

Choose Your Colors Wisely

The psychology of color reveals that in the human mind, each color takes on hidden depths and meaning that affects our decisions and choices. Blue makes you think professional and loyal, while purple conveys luxury and opulence.

95% of top brands use just 1 or 2 colors in their logo, and a third uses the color blue! Clearly, choosing the right colors in your logo is a pretty big deal. Think about your brand’s mission statement, and then choose 1 or 2 colors to match.

Think Big Picture

If you’re just starting out, chances are you’ve got a single bright business idea in mind. But in this digital world, new technology’s emerging every day, and you need to be flexible to keep up with the competition.

Choose a logo that doesn’t tie you or your website down to one product or service. Rather, choose something that’ll encompass your field, so it’ll still make sense if you diversify down the line.

Employ Some Tech Logo Tech

Once you’ve outlined what you want your logo to look like, you’ll need to create it. You could employ a professional to bang out a great tech logo for your business, but this could get expensive.

If you’ve got the skills you can do it yourself, or even use an online logo generator to do it for you.

Win With Cool Tech Logos

Tech logos can be very cool or very blah, so you need to make yours stand out. Keep things simple, and use an image in your logo to make an impression. Pick good colors, and choose a tech logo that’ll grow with your brand.

Have you got a great logo in mind? The next thing you should consider is a blog for your website. Is there money in it, and will it bag you more clients? (Spoiler alert: yes, and yes.) Check out 5 reasons you should start blogging today.

Nisha Pandey, the visionary force behind SEOTechyworld, is a luminary in the realms of SEO, technology, and cloud infrastructure. With an unwavering passion for staying at the forefront of digital advancements, Nisha has been an influential figure in the blogging sphere since 2014. Her journey as a blogger reflects not just a timeline, but a narrative of expertise and dedication. Nisha's in-depth knowledge of SEO intricacies and her ability to decode the complexities of evolving technology have made her a trusted source in the digital marketing community. Through SEOTechyworld, she endeavors to bridge the gap between technological innovation and its practical applications, providing her audience with insights that are both cutting-edge and actionable. As a seasoned professional, Nisha continues to inspire and guide, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving community of SEO and technology.

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