How to Capture a Video on Your Screen with Movavi Screen Capture for Mac

You have seen lots of awesome video on YouTube and wonder how they manage to show everything so clearly in the video. Actually, anyone can record a video by using a screencasting software. If you want to record a software review video, you will need a screencasting software that can record both your screen and the audio. You can use a screen recorder software like Movavi Screen Capture for Mac to record your personal review on the features of a software or a game walkthrough. It can also be used to record video VoIP calls, for example, Skype calls.

There is only a low cost for obtaining Movavi screen recorder software so you should definitely spend the money to buy one instead of using a free version. When Movavi screen recorder is launched, you will see 3 options including screen recording, record the audio input and video editing. There will be tutorials to guide you if it is the first time that you are launching the software. The pop-up tutorials can be turned off.

The first step in performing a video capture on Mac is to adjust the rectangle frame to cover the part of the screen that you want to show your visitors. It is important to check your microphone and see if it is plugged in into the correct port and working properly before you start the screen recording session. You can schedule the timer by entering the start and finish time of the screen recording.

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Movavi Screen Capture for Mac has a cursor highlighting feature that will highlight your cursor so that the viewers can see clearly when you are introducing the features in the software. You can also use your own soundtrack file for the click sounds. You can perform screenshots and capture keyboard actions during the recording session. You can choose which format you want the screenshot to be saved including JPG and PNG.

You can make the video engaging by adding a custom voiceover in the video. Recording your own voice in a video is always better than using text. If you don’t want to record your own voice, you can use a speaking software to read the message that you want to convey to the audience. If you want to use a speaking software to add voiceover, make sure you plug in the speaker.

You can make the audio louder or softer during the video editing. Movavi Screen Capture for Mac offers smart video compression without causing the quality of the video to drop in the output file. You will be able to see the size of the video file in real time. All the features can be accessed conveniently on the small control panel that will appear when you start the recording session.

If you can remember the hotkeys, you can use them to control the screen recording session without having to access the small control panel. The video can be uploaded directly onto your account at sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Amazon S3 media sharing. Movavi Screen Capture for Mac can be configured to automatically launch everytime your Mac computer startup.