Build Backlinks the White Hat Way

How to Build Backlinks the White Hat Way in 2016

The most important and most popular White Hat technique for having a top organic ranking in search engines is to build high-quality backlinks.

 Build Backlinks the White Hat Way

I am not ashamed to admit that, I also used some Black Hat tactics of SEO and they worked well too. But as I wanted to use only White Hat methods, I turned back from the black hat SEO and concentrating only on organic SEO now.

There are no shortcuts for getting ranked in Google with the white hat SEO techniques as it requires a ton of work to do. But, white SEO will work really, really well for you for a long term, that is for sure. And for doing white hat SEO, the first thing that should come in the mind  is Link Building”.

Let me explain you about How to build backlinks – the White Hat Way in 2016”. Just remember that link building is necessary, but could be dangerous too, if you can not do it properly.

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Guest Blogging

When you write a blog or article on someone else’s blog or website, then it is called Guest Blogging. To have an effective online influence, guest blogging is a key strategy that can be used by any quality writer. Guest blogging helps you to build relationships with other bloggers by writing quality content for their blogs.

If your content is relative and engaging there are a lot of chances of getting direct visitors to your site from the blog you are writing for. You can add your site link in author bio or at some particular relevant place in the content. This will be the most effective link building tactic in 2016. Create Linkable content, so other bloggers also give links to your content if they found it relative to share.

Create Infographics

As an internet user, we all know that people prefer images rather than reading a 1000 word article. Images can explain more and in an easy and engaging way than text. For building quality links, Infographic is a feasible and logical way to use. In today’s marketing world, a low budget firm relies a lot on infographics rather than just posting articles to get backlinks. Do not create infographics only for generating backlinks, but focus on creating a helpful information for your audience. More engagement means stronger influence.

infographic about creating links

Source : Creating Backlinks

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Have more and more Social Signals

Any content marketing strategy cannot be completed without including the social media optimization in it.  As what was in 2015, sharing the content via social media will be the best way to promote your site in 2016. As quickly as you start promoting your content on social media, you will get more and more social signals and earn links to your site.

The social signals include sharing, tweeting, likes, distributions, mentions, plus ones, retweets, talked about, and much more. You should not only share your content on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, but also yousubmit your posts and links to social bookmarking sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon, GrowthHackers, etc.  Keep in mind that social signals are not backlinks, but they play an important role to engage people to your site. When people are attracted to your engaging content, they will notice your site, read and navigate it, and start linking to your relevant content to earn you backlinks.

Forum Postings

There is an increasing number of spammers who create profiles and low-quality posts just for a link and building the bad reputation about forum links. But in fact, Forum posting is a great way to get niche related backlinks that can get you a strong and qualified traffic to your site.

Sign up for quality forums, find your niche and get engaged to different posts in that. Create your own topic and start the discussion with people, help them in solving their queries, give helpful suggestions and improve the engagement. This thing will lead you to get a high-quality traffic for your website. You should not be much worried about whether the links are ‘do follow’ or ‘no follow’ as far as you get backlinks.

Do not forget about Comment Links

Many people think that Blog Commenting is an outdated way of having good backlinks and if you follow this technique to have links then you will be spammed.

This is true, but only for those who are not good at it or do not want to engage with the blogger. As you yourself wants, other bloggers also create quality content to engage with more and more people and to get quality traffic and backlinks.

If you just write “ Hey, Nice article, thanks for posting” and then just give a link to your site or blog, there will be an impression on that blogger that you are creating a link spam and not engaging with his ideas and thoughts. So there is a more chance of your comment get deleted rather than earning you a link from it and your effort is wasted. If you are making a blog comment, make it in an engaging way.

Find quality blogs, fill each field required for the submission and then write a good, quality comment by mentioning the author, appreciating his work, provide your thoughts on his content and ideas, give some suggestions if they are useful for that blogger, and then give a link to your site at a relevant place for making it look like natural. Every blogger like you wants more and more comments and shares of his blog, so if you write a good, truthful and relative comment, it will surely get approved by the blogger or site owner and you will earn a link.

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So, these were the most effective link building techniques to get success through white hat SEO in 2016. Focus more on your customers and build a group of brand followers, it will help you get high valued links naturally.

The year of 2016 will get a new mark in the link building tactic. You cannot rank in the top position without getting quality links to your site. Follow these techniques mentioned above, and you will see your site ranking higher in search engines, that is for sure.

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    Great Article. Social Media Platform and comment Links submission are Really Great. And Thanks For the other information like forum posting and info graphics.

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