How to Add Social Profiles and Customized Tabs in Your Facebook Page

Facebook is the need of today not for those seeking friends, but also for the business persons who want to broaden their reach to a greater audience. Facebook’s outreach is rapidly extending. More and more people are coming to it for their social needs. If you are seeking to lure targeted audience for your business and brand, it is the perfect place for you.

Facebook does provide audience to you, but it is your page that is interacting medium to your audience. It is rightly assumed that a business must have a page on Facebook if not a profile. The Facebook Page is a feature rich tool to make all things happen smoothly.

First, it is to understand why it is required. Adding your social profiles or the website right at the Facebook tabs provides you the following:

  • Increased engagement than the existing one
  • Promotion of product, services, brands and even you
  • Helps in engaging your new fans

The Facebook Tabs are intended to provide your fans a deep insight of your page. This also helps you in pertaining business objectives in an easier manner.

If you are finding a place which is very versatile of communicating with a community as well as a place to germinate stupendous support to your brand, a page is the best feature for that. The use of a “tab” at your page can prove to be a connecting thread to your corporate site, brand or the additional resource to gain much which is not possible to fetch and produce at Facebook alone. You can customize it to the taste of your visitors. In this write-up, we are taking a tour on how to customize your Facebook page by attaching your other social media profiles to it and also attaching a custom app.


Custom tabs are really easy to incorporate to your Facebook Page. Although Facebook allows users to create tabs on their own, it depends on you how you want to create them. If you are not familiar with HTML and other website development tools, you can still manage to create a tab of your own. Many paid as well as free alternatives are available in the market for this. Remember, whether you make your custom tab of your own or hire a developer, it is worth inverting at all. Not as it helps your page to look different from others, but it makes your page more engaging than before!



If you have already done with your diligence to the app front, here are the details as to how you should install and use it.

  1. Visit and login at the FB developer site: If new to it, click here, register yourself as a FB developer and verify your account.
  2. Create your app and christen it: Create an app by clicking on “Create New App” present at top left corner of your page. Give Display Name and set a unique ID for it. Choose the name that you want to appear on the FB page. ID is generated at a field called “App Namespace”
  3. Add Images, Basic Info and others: The prettier your image, the more tempting you Facebook page. The Image must be chosen such, it is visually appealing and itself as a call to action. At this point, you can embed the link of your social profiles available off the Facebook. The content is displayed within your tab created.
  4. For sharing the content within the tab, inform Facebook of that content by going to the app settings. There you will get options to integrate the app with Facebook. Select Page Tab, enter the desired name of the page tab, copy and paste the above mentioned link of your social media profiles in the page Tab URL field.
  5. Creating a secure URL: For making your customized tab to become visible on your Facebook Page to all visitors, you need to create a URL with the same link that you have provided for your page tab. This must include the https:// at the beginning instead of http:// to make it secure. You should, however, consider obtaining an SLL certification.
  6. Check your page: The customized tab you recently created for your social media profiles should get embedded to the standard tabs. Now you can enjoy the flavor of a new tab. For editing its presence, just hover over it, click the customary pencil.

You can easily integrate the social media tab using these steps. If you have any query please feel free to ask below.