Social media isn’t the answer to everything

How Social Media Can Help You after Google Updates

Just so you know–social media is not the answer to all questions, even though innumerate online articles would have you believe it. There are articles saying social media can power your eCommerce site traffic, blog traffic and even power your singing career. This article gives you some genuine information on how social media may help you if Google updates cause you problems.

Social media isn’t the answer to everything

Social media isn’t the answer to everything

They say that social media can rank your website up the search engines, despite the fact that it only accounts for a handful of the 200 ranking factors Google uses, and now people are saying social media can help you survive regular Google updates. Maybe social media won’t help you survive, but it can certainly help. Metaphorically, if you were in a sinking row boat with two holes in the bottom, then social media would be a bucket you can use to bail out the water. It won’t fix your problem, and you will probably still go down, but it certainly helps a little.

Pull traffic from social media

If you are struggling with a Google update then you have probably dropped a few places in the Google search engine results. If this is the case then your traffic is probably drying up fast. You can top it up a little with social media, but you are going to have to go for a blanket social media marketing campaign because relying on just one such as Facebook will not be enough. You will have to start working on quite a few as all of them have very poor conversion rates.

Pulling traffic from anywhere is helpful

Do not forget that off-page SEO is a factor in your website optimization, and off-page SEO is affected by the fans of your website. They are the ones that link to you organically, talk about you on social media, share your social media content, comment on your blogs, and enter you into directories. If you are not getting enough traffic from Google then this sort of benefit will sink away too. Getting attention from people on social media and having them visit your website will restart the off-page SEO benefits that you are no longer getting from Google traffic.

Any form of social media mention is good

social media mention

If people are talking about you on social media and sharing the content that is linked to your website then it offers bit of a search engine benefit. Working on social media will help to make this sort of thing happen more often, which will then help you regain some lost ground on the Google search engine results pages. If you are lucky enough get content to go viral then you need to find a way of making sure it somehow links back to your website.

Get your friends and family to promote your website on social media

This is going to get people talking about your website on social media, which will help your search engine rankings. Plus, it may get you a bit more traffic to make up for what you are losing via Google. Remember that even whilst you are doing well on social media you still need to work to fix the damage to your search engine standing thanks to the Google update.

Ask people what they are doing about the update

If an update has affected your website and you have fallen down the Google search engine results, then it will have happened to other people too. You need to repair the damage just like other people are doing, so go on social media and share your notes on your progress. Get advice from other people as to how they are handling their drop in ranking and give people advice on what is working for you.

People will be a lot more open with you about what is working if you are willing to give as well as receive. You can look at what people are putting on articles, but why not compare that with what people are saying on social media? It will help you get a clearer view of what is the right and wrong thing to do. Gather enough opinions from social media network groups and soon you will be able to distinguish the usable advice from the useless advice. You could even start working with people you meet from social media to help each other rank back up through the Google search engine results.

  1. Great sharing..Ya mostly its happen when Google updates hurts the Traffic and social media is the best way to uplift your traffic. We have to also concern the blogosphere as account of we may pull the traffic from it also.

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  3. Good post.. social media traffic is more effective than the organic traffic. Because already the social media websites ranked well with that reliable traffic our site’s rank will also goes further…

  4. Social media helps in increasing website traffic directly and in today’s world the increasing growth of social media helps many business owner to promote their business. Many top ranking social networking sites helps you to grow your business and promote you in online marketing.

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