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How salon software improves client’s experience?



Salons nowadays have turned to digitization and need salon management software to manage their everyday tasks. Using software helps a salon manager to save time and get into other intricacies of the business. The management becomes easier with the help of salon software. You spend more of your time motivating your stylists and looking after clients. The software helps you in marketing the business. You take appointments and manage stock. However, the entire process makes your life easy. There are both direct and indirect ways to make the management software useful.

1.       Takes time waiting for the till

One of the worst shopping experiences is to wait on a long queue for the till. There are many salons where people still need to make manual appointments and there are diaries to note that down. This is quite problematic because it comes with uncertainty and is not completely error-free. When you have salon management software, you can easily bring details up about future appointment slots with every stylist. You can record appointments that are ahead of two months. If a customer is in a hurry, the software allows them to book an appointment at a later date. The system is quicker and most customer-friendly.

2.      Reminders

If you have clients who need appointments in advances or they want to make a change in the date, they might forget it when the appointment is around. A salon software helps you remind your client about their bookings. This way, if they want to make a change, they will inform you accordingly. You can note down the changes in your software and keep the new track. The notification usually goes like an SMS and is helpful for the clients. They also appreciate the fact and feel welcomed.

3.      New treatments

The management software saves time and money, so you can spend some more on training your staff. You can also spend more money on purchasing more equipment and offer new treatments to your clients. This helps your clients indirectly as they have more things to try. They don’t need to travel a lot to find out different kinds of treatment in other salons. There is also a chance that they can stick to you more than the rest.

4.      Products

The software helps you manage real-time data related to stock levels of your products. It automatically stocks for you and help you reach thresholds. They ensure you that there is enough stock of every product. Clients are happy that their products are in stock and also available for sales. This improves their salon experience and they expect more from you.

5.  Loyalty

You can lay some loyalty schemes for customers that come to you repeatedly. For example, if they help you invite another friend, you might get them some discounts. It increases the client retention rate of the salon and boosts more customers. The software helps you record client’s history, so you can give them loyalty points accordingly. They might also get exclusive discounts due to the points added upon their visit.

Now that you know how salon management software can improve the experience for your customers, you must get it. The SalonTouch Studio helps you create such software that is customized according to your requirement. You make the best use of it and make the most of its benefits.

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