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How Commenting On Other Blogs Will Increase Traffic To Your Blog

This a guest post submitted by my colleague Elizabeth McGee from I just met her few days ago via blog commenting, before visiting her blog. She is an amazing writer and I thought my readers would also love her writing. So, I requested her to guest post on my blog and she was very humble to accept my request.

She is more than 10 years into blogging and content writing. She is also an e-Book author and affiliate marketer. You can click here to know more about her. If you are keen to increase your blog traffic, then you must not miss out on reading her tips below.…..

website trafficDid you know that by making comments on other people’s blogs you can effectively bring targeted traffic to your own blog?

It’s true.

But it’s also true that blog commenting is one of the most misused and abused blogging methods on the web.

I love blog commenting and I use it as a daily blogging practice which has increased my traffic ten fold. It’s also allowed me to build loyal fans and create many close relationships, but there are also lots of misconceptions about how to effectively use blog commenting and what makes it effective.

So let’s start with how blog commenting works, why it works and what you can do to get the most out of your commenting efforts. and what you can do to get the most out of your commenting efforts.

How does blog commenting work?

Blog commenting works by drawing interest to you and your business through the thoughtful comments you make and the interaction you create on other blogs related to your niche.

Commenting gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise, knowledge and sincerity.  The comments you make expose who you are and what you do.

The more intelligent, helpful and useful your comments are the more other bloggers will take notice

However this won’t happen if your comments are worthless, unrelated spam.

I love reading the comments that I get on my blog and I actually look forward to reading them each and every day.  But I also get a large amount of comment spam. By spam I mean comments offer no value to the post or to my readers.

Do Read:-

Those comments will never get posted to my blog. They are comments clearly made with the intention of getting a link back to the commenter’s site.

You see many unscrupulous bloggers use commenting as a way to build one way links back to their own blogs.  What spammers fail to realize however is that those spammy comments won’t get published by reputable bloggers.

It’s also a well known fact that back links from blog comments, side bars and footers carry much less search engine weight than links you receive from high quality sites that link to you within their valued content. You might then be wondering why comment on blogs at all?

To build social relationships. 

social relationshipMaking thoughtful, useful comments on niche related blogs is more likely to bring you traffic than depending on the search engines for back links.

But the real beauty of commenting is the relationship building that takes place.

If a reader is inspired by your comment they will visit your blog. If they like what they see they are also likely to comment there as well.  You in turn may want to visit their blog exchanging comments and thoughts. Before you know it you’ve become friends.  This often leads to regular traffic, content exchanges and hopefully more sales.

Now you’re building a social community with your blog attracting more readers and regular traffic. That’s what blog commenting is really about.

But how you use commenting is what makes the difference.

So how do you use blog commenting to increase traffic?

For starters, comment responsibly.  Take the time to read the blog posts first and make comments that relate to the post.

Comments that are off topic or blatant sales pitches will not only turn off readers, blog owners will delete the comment.

In your comment offer insight, ideas and opinions that readers will find useful.  This demonstrates your expertise, knowledge and builds your credibility.

Address the blog post author personally. End with sincerity of thought and thank your host for allowing you to comment.

It also isn’t productive to make comments that don’t make sense.  I will delete comments that have wrong information, poor grammar, spelling errors or don’t directly relate to the post.

Here are a few key tips I’ve used to help ensure my comments get posted. These tips also help increase the likelihood that others will click through to your blog based on your comment.

  • Write at least 2 or 3 quality sentences that a reader find interesting and insightful.
  • Be controversial without being offensive.  If you’re not clear about something in the post, ask a question, other readers may also be wondering about the same thing. If you don’t agree with something in the post, mention it, but say it with tact and respect.
  • Use your real name in the ‘name’ section of the comment.  While some blogs allow you to put a keyword phrase as a name, not all of them do. I always use my real name for the personal touch it ads.
  • Use a picture gravatar. This also ads an element of trust and sincerity.
  • Don’t leave pointless comments like ‘Love your Post“, “Great info” or my personal favorite “I have not come across such a site as yours, it has everything I need to know“.  Bloggers aren’t looking for flattery, but they love it when you can add value to the topic.
  • Don’t ever be salesy in your comments and don’t include links to sales pages. Always make comments with the intention of adding value, helping other readers and building relationships.
  • Don’t make comments that don’t make sense.  Specifically comments that have wrong information, poor grammar, spelling errors or don’t directly relate to the post.   These types of comments will often get deleted.

If you’re looking for more traffic to your blog without relying on the search engines or spammy tactics, blog commenting is an ideal strategy.  It builds relationships, credibility, trust and creates opportunity to help others. And that’s what draws others to you.

Which method do you follow to increase your blog traffic? Do you love and enjoy commenting? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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  1. Hi Liz, and welcome to Nisha’s blog 🙂

    Good to see you here and with such a wonderful topic, and you know I can so well relate to this one!

    Nothing works better than blog commenting and I know how well it’s worked for me right from day one – that’s exactly how relationships are build, which go beyond our blogs, isn’t it? It was through our blogs comments that we met too!

    When you visit other blogs, most of them are sure to visit yours. All that matter is, just as you mentioned, that you need to read the entire post, and leave a nice and meaningful comment. Not the 1-2 liners so many bloggers tend to leave, which one can make out is because they are either short of time (but who has time – it’s always made!) or there to leave their links, and this happens a LOT on CommentLuv blogs – been there, so I know. Glad I am through that phase, and I appreciate my readers and commenters who continue coming in huge numbers even after I removed it 🙂

    Your tips are spot on! You need to leave a comment that relates to the post, use your Gravatar, and go beyond the usual 2-3 lines if you can, don’t try to spam by leaving links or even linking to your posts in the URL field- some bloggers do that!

    I think if you are just YOU and pour your heart out in your comment, you’re doing good. This is something I’ve always done and believed in, and I think most of my blogging friends do just the same.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead, both of you. 🙂

  2. Hi Harleena,

    It’s nice to see a blogging buddy here. I love blog commenting as well and speak from experience. It’s an awesome way to expand your reach and get to know other bloggers and niche related folks.

    But as I mentioned commenting is often abused. So many bloggers use it to obtain back links in a spammy way. So it makes sense that the search engines put little emphasis on commenting as a back link strategy.

    But if you want to make friends and influence people and of course draw traffic to your blog it’s something worth putting time and effort into. I love the relationships I’ve made commenting.

    Thank you for stopping by Harleena and you have a great weekend as well 🙂

  3. Hi Harleena Mam,

    Thanks for coming by and for a wonderful comment here.

    You are already named by “The commenting superstar”. I always love to read your comments posted on other blogs which inspired me lot earlier and I started commenting to other blogs. And really this is very helpful to gain my visitors as well as interaction with other bloggers.

    Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

  4. Hi Liz,

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful tips on my blog. I love too blog commenting. I hate one liner comment. This is really abusing. Some bloggers used to do spam commenting. Hope, they can learn something from this post.

    You are very true that commenting is very helpful to make good relation with other bloggers, make friends and for attracting traffic.

    Thanks again for this guest post.

    Have a great weekend ahead!

  5. Hi Liz,

    Wow.. I am surprised to see you here… 🙂

    According to my knowledge and experience these 2 thisgs are most important in Blog commenting:

    1. Gravatar (Many people will NOT approve comments without a Gravatar.)
    2. Relevance (It does NOT how small or huge comment you write.)


    Thanks for this awesome piece from Liz… 🙂


  6. Thanks for sharing this useful information. This article really helpful for every blogs increase the web traffic… 🙂

  7. very nice topic. I love it. Thanks for sharing this post.

  8. Thanks Nisha, of a truth commenting on other blogs especially the ones relevant to your niche has more than dual benefits ranging from generating traffic, building backlinks, increasing in pageranking and many more.

  9. Hi Karmaker,

    Surprise! Yes I’m here and glad you stopped by 🙂 Good to see you.

    These are really two small points but they’re powerful and you’re right, most blogs won’t accept comments without a real picture gravatar, and gravatars are so simple to get.

    Of course relevance is a given. It’s also an easy give away when it comes to spam. Spammers never read the post so their comments are either not relevant or completely off track.


  10. Hi Jey,

    Thanks for stopping by. Keep visiting.

    Have a great day ahead!

  11. Hi Ovi,

    Thanks for dropping by here.

  12. Hi Nisha, what a great guest you have with you today. Lovely to see Liz here and I definitely loved this post and topic.

    I was talking to a new subscriber yesterday and we got on the subject of blog commenting. It’s something he hadn’t been doing a lot of and he was impressed by the number of comments I get on my posts. The funny thing is that I told him that when I started commenting it was because I was being taught to do it for traffic.

    Once I started learning so much from people who were teaching me so many amazing things for free, I was in awe of this and so appreciative. I think that’s how you can become quite sincere in your comments because aren’t we all always continuing to learn something from what we’ve just read!

    Do enough of that, thank the blogger for taking the time to share this with their readers and that’s how the connections can start to form. They’ll remember you when you stand out in your comment and go beyond the “I learned so much from what you shared”. Really? What did you learn! That’s our immediate thought.

    Love this Liz, great job with explaining how this all works and why it works so well. I love commenting on other blogs and I just can’t see that going away any time in my immediate future. 😉

    You ladies have a wonderful weekend.


  13. Hi Emebu,

    Yes, leaving a valuable comment can give us good backlink and helps to generate traffic too. It also helps to maintain good relationship with others.

    Thanks for stopping by. Have a good day ahead!

  14. Hi Adrienne,

    Yes, this is great to have Liz’s tips here. I know you are a “commeting queen” Adrienne. Lot of people has learned from your commenting and humble response to others.

    Thanks for sharing your tips too here.

    I really appreciate your visit and wonderful comment.

    Have a lovely weekend ahead!

  15. Hi Nisha and Liz,

    I am happy to see you here at Nisha’s blog.:)

    Blog commenting is what I like the most. You know when I started my blogging career I learnt from Harleena, Adrienne and many other bloggers that commenting at others blog is what a blogger should do in his/her daily routine.

    I met you through commenting at your blog. I saw you comment at any famous blog and caught my eyes at your blog.

    I love the way have examined the benefits of commenting at others blog. Showing your expertise and nature to get connected through commenting is a great thing to do in blogging.

    The necessity of having a Gravatar and using real name are must. Bloggers should try to build their online reputation by visiting and commenting at others blog so that they can get more visitors to their own blog.

    Thanks fr sharing your experience with us.

    Hope you both are doing fine these days.


  16. Thanks for stopping by Ravi.

    Probloggers are really inspiration for us and we learnt lot of things from them, most especially blog commenting and interacting with each other. I have inspired by Harleena mam.

    Yes, We met via blog commenting and met to many other bloggers too. Thanks for your kind words Ravi.

    Yes, I am doing great. Hope you are enjoying your weekend too.

  17. Hi Jey,

    So happy you found this post useful and I sincerely hope it helps you find lots more traffic.


  18. Hi Ovi, Thanks for stopping by and for your positive feedback.


  19. Hi Adrienne,

    Commenting has so many benefits. We learn, we meet others, we share and we expose ourselves to new opportunities.

    But commenting isn’t just about thanking someone, it should also be about engagement. We’ll certainly remember each other better when exchanging thoughts and conversing as opposed to just saying and acknowledging a few thankyou’s.

    Hope you have a great week Adrienne. 🙂

  20. Hi Ravi,

    Yes, I agree. Using your real name and having a real picture says something about your sincerity and it builds trust.

    My favorite commenters though are those who offer additional tips and advice or maybe even something controversial. Those commenters are still somewhat rare.

    Thanks for stopping by Ravi. Good to see you!


  21. Hi Emebu,

    There are lots of benefits to commenting but my favorite is the comments people add that contribute to the content. Things like adding ideas, advice or sharing experiences and stories. Those comments also help me get to know the commenter better. For me that’s the real benefit of commenting.

    Good to see you Emebu 🙂


  22. You have clearly outlined the guidelines to prospective commentators.

    In my opinion, commentators are encouraged to leave comments only when they see the ‘comment luv’. Remove it from your blog and you will see a drop in comments though you may continue to get repeat visits from loyal readers.

    I always wondered how the comments actually help the blogger who has allowed comments on his/her blog post. Don’t you think it is just more work?

  23. Greetings Kidambi

    Good commenters help bloggers by adding content. If I write a post about the benefits of email marketing for example, a good comment would be one that adds how email marketing has benefitted him/her. That adds to MY content. But it also benefits the commenter because when others see the comment they will be encouraged to visit their blog.

    Commenting on other blogs is more work, but it’s worthwhile work. There are benefits to all involved.

    Of course if you appreciate the benefits of engagement and relationship building it’s definitely something you’ll want to pursue.

    Thanks for stopping by Kidambi 🙂


  24. Got it all Liz. Cheers! 🙂

  25. Hi Karmakar,

    It is my pleasure to have Liz here and her wonderful tips for my readers.

    Thanks for stopping by here. Have a fun day!

  26. Hi Kidambi,

    Welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by.

    Yes, Liz has mentioned such a powerful guidelines for commentators. As Liz explained to you. Commenting is most powerful method to connect with other bloggers and engage our readers.

    Sometimes, it attracts advertisers too. They like most active blogs and which have some discussions over.

    Hope, this will helpful to you.

    Have a wonderful day ahead!

  27. Well look a here Liz!

    Proof positive that the strategies that you advocate most definitely work!

    Here I am commenting a new blog that I’m visiting for the very first time!

    And it has a blog post written by one of the online experts that I follow! I couldn’t agree more with all of excellent points!

    But I especially like where you advise us to build that active social community of constantly giving and sharing!

    A solid network can and will literally move mountains, as you well know!
    Really great advice Liz!

    And thanks so much for sharing!

  28. Hi Mark,

    Welcome to my blog.

    It sounds good that you liked my blog ad Liz’s post here.

    Giving and sharing is important to build good social relation. And it can help to really get huge success.

    Thanks for the wonderful comment. I really appreciate your time to do so.

    Have a wonderful day ahead!

  29. Hi Elizabeth McGee,

    Thank you for sharing an important post on ‘how commenting on other blogs will increase traffic to our blog’.

    Blog commenting really works well and also builds good relationships. It is through ‘blog comments’ that people come to know each other and become friends.

    What is required is that one should comment only after reading the article.

  30. Hey Elizabeth,

    Well, Great Post Dear. Commenting certainly is the best way to build relationship and get traffic to your blog. I am doing this for 6 months now and it working very well. But the thing is, you must comment genuinely, no spamming, then only you will get success with blog commenting and I am sure newbies will follow this to build relationship as well.

  31. I am building my own, brand new blog and your writing helps me much. Thanks Elizabeth

  32. Soumik Ghosh

    But in case of commenting what do you think a comment on a niche relevant to your website is important or a comment with high authority website irrelevant to your niche is more important?

  33. Hi Rajaraman,

    Blog commenting is a great way to connect with several bloggers and build your own blogging community.

    We should always leave a valuable comment relevant to that post rather than just posting a “thanks message”.

    Thanks for the comment. Have a nice day!

  34. Hi Minh,

    Welcome to my blog. Congrats for the new blog. And I am glad that this post is helpful for you.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your feedback here.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  35. Hi Soumik,

    Commenting with relevant to your niche is more important. But, in this case also you can search for the high authority blogs. Hope, this will be helpful for you. Let me know if you have any more query.

    Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy!

  36. Hi Atinder,

    Yes, Commenting a a very powerful way to connect with each other. I really love and enjoying commenting. Now, I have a very good relations with several top bloggers via commenting only.

    Yes, very true. Posting a genuine and relevant comment is must for building a good relations. Most of the newbies, just leave 1-2 liner comment which looks very bad. They should learn something from this post.

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views with us.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  37. Hahaha..! Actually, I don’t want to say this since it was warning in the post. However, I got to do it because it is really useful and truly information. Honestly, it is really nice article and I really love this.

    You know..? Actually, I don’t think that commenting is really important for blogging and online business. I just do commenting because I want to get backlinks and I know that comment is easy way to get those links.

    I found that comment is important last years, after I read a blog post of Ryan Buddish from Blogging from Paradise. He is the amazing blogger who did really well with build community for his.

    He keep active on commenting, because I found his comment on any blog that I visited. I connect with him and ask me about the how to success with blogging.

    He told me that his key is “relationship”.

    Yeah..! that truly..! Relationship is important for online business, and commenting is one of important tool for build relationship.

  38. This is an amazing content, Thanks for sharing this it is very much helpful .