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How Can Social Media Websites Improve Your Startup

Since the creation of social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter in 2004 and 2006 respectively the notion of social media has taken off to a whole new level. Now everything that moves send tweets, share or stream information online. The increase use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has also played an integral role in the rise of social media today. This foray of social media use has not excluded businesses.


social media


Businesses have jumped on this craze and have been using social media to their benefit. I will show you why social media should be used to improve your startup.The benefits and potential gains of social media is recognized and acknowledged by many companies across the world. Firstly what is social media? Social media is the social interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities. But how can social media websites improve your startup exactly.

Social Media Gives Your Startup an Identity

This is the extent to which you will reveal of yourself and your company to others in the social media world, that is, disclosing information  about the persons behind your company their names, age, gender, profession or other information which portrays your company in a “humanly” way.


What this does for your company is it allows it to appear more inviting to people; who will then use this information to associate an identity with your company. All this could be achieved with a company website but the difference is a social media platform has lots of ready-made traffic that you can easily tap into. By creating this identity for you company on social media you should be able to generate tons of interest in your venture and for a young company interest is good.

Increases Conversation

Social media is used to communicate with other users in a social setting. Most social media platforms are therefore designed primarily to facilitate conversation among individuals. For your startup conversations on social media among persons and yourself will be good. This can aid in the improvement of various aspects of your business, products and or services. Information gathered from this kind of conversation can only be good whether it’s positive or negative feedback. The onus is on you and your team to use this information to improve the company.

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Increases Your Online Presence

With social media there is the possibility for your startup to always be in the eyes of your customers or potential customers. In order to increase your market share and attract potential partners or investors your ever increasing presence is essential as the more people sees your startup the more they will sit up and take notice of it.

Your presence on social media is also a fast and easy way for people to get in touch with you. They will be able to ask you questions, give you advice or share ideas knowing you will possible provide them with a feedback and this will help to increase your loyal customer or follower base.

Increases the Speed of Sharing

This is the ease at which you will be able to exchange or distribute information about your startup to an audience. Social media will increase the speed at which information coming out of your company willbe circulated to a large number of people.

Speed of sharing

For a company that may not be able to find extra funds for paid advertising options, having platforms such as social media were information about your company, products and or service can be disseminated to a huge audience will be crucial.

The nature of social media is that it fosters sharing. If your company or product and or service are interesting and provides the right solutions for people’s problems it will spread like wild fire in social media and in no time you will have a huge following online.

By establishing an identity on all the major social media platforms and increasing you presence by sharing and holding conversations with your followers this will answer the question of how can social media improve your startup as the benefits are many.

It may not be as important as finding the perfect co-founders to work with but if your startup’s social media activity is not frequent or none existent this may be a problem; in this day and age you need to change this and become active users on all the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Istagram just to name a few.

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    Social media is an amazing platform for increasing business and now a days more and more are adding to these social media websites.

    It’s beneficial to use such websites. Now a days Twitter has added millions of users to it.

    People need to increase their conversation. Making human bonds is always a good thing to do.

    Nice article.

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  3. Social media helps a startup to grow and progress rapidly as not just it helps in boosting conversation but also helps to engage with clients and customers effectively.

    It’s crucial for a business to grow their online presence through social media. Social media with over billion active visitors daily if even 0.1% of it’s audiences gets updates regarding the startup can help to grown crucially.

    Ain’t it?

    Thanks Rodney Fraser, for sharing the comprehensive guide. Have a great weekend ahead.

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    I am totally agree with your comment. Social media is helps to engage with our readers and clients.

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