How Can Businesses Start Capitalizing With Latest Instagram Stories?

Instagram keeps on surprising the users with its amazing updates and features. The latest update of Instagram is Instagram Stories which let users share a story using images and videos which exist just for 24 hours and vanishes from the account after 24 hours.

This is quite similar to the Snapchat stories where images and videos stay in the account for 24 hours and after the time period, nothing can be found In the account. Businesses, over and again, used Snapchat stories to endorse their products, events, campaigns etc. According to many, Instagram’s moves to start Instagram stories can be really helpful for businesses keeping in mind ever increasing the popularity of Instagram among the web users all around the planet.

With millions of active users and billions of images and videos being shared on Instagram, it is undoubtedly one of the best and most followed social media of the present day. And regular up-gradation has made this platform more enchanting and interesting. Instagram stories are also believed to do so.

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So how can you make Instagram Stories?

Creating Instagram story is quite easy. Thanks to Instagram and their developers. You just need to update your Instagram software to its latest version.

  • The first thing you need to do is to tap on “+” icon on the top most left-hand corner of the screen.


  • Once the Instagram story camera is one, you click images or record video as you do in normal posts. Here also you get so many filters to adorn your post.
  • After clicking the images or recording the videos, post the same in your account. You can get detailed information on the story such as how many viewed it, liked it etc.

You get some additional facilities too. You can feature a part of your story using the upload option. You can even add content to your story. Thinking about the privacy concerns, you can decide who can see your story, Even if they follow you, you can restrict them viewing your story.

How Can Instagram Stories help Business Boom?

  1. Create a Buzz
Buzz Key Showing Awareness Exposure And Visibility

Buzz Key Showing Awareness Exposure And Visibility

The latest story idea is an incredible approach to carrying your follower list off camera and give them a glimpse of what’s to come. Visit your shooting set, let them see a couple changes to your new site or become more acquainted with the group in your office.This little glimpse will be not just helping in building a relationship but also they fabricate buzz for your battles.

Drive Engagement and Traffic-

Facilitating a Facebook Live Video session? Need a couple of more enrollments to your online course? The latest story is an extraordinary way to remind your crowd that you have something surprise left for them.Make a video or click pictures to drive a minute ago recruits, or get some additional movement on other online networking channels.

  1. Gain Followers
get instagram followers

Get Instagram Followers

So how can you gain Followers? All things considered, now you have an Instagram content – a special reward for anybody following you.Maybe you can declare tenets to a challenge by means of this new element or basically let adherents know you’ll be much of the time redesigning your Story with a content that won’t go anyplace else.

  1. Extra Content


Who doesn’t love to have additional content? Instagram Stories allows you to make Instagram content . You can download your Stories’ photographs and videos and use them later. I can as of now consider thoughts for some “#ThrowbackThursday” or just “#ICYMI” presents on give followers on systems outside of Instagram a motivator to now following you back.

If you are having a nice Instagram following list then you should immediately plunge into Instagram stories without wasting your time. You have a great opportunity to build a lighthearted, ephemeral content without structuring audiences or launching on new platforms.

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This story can surely help you impoverish your reach and build an amazing online brand presence. Instagram’s geotagging and hashtag features will help you get improved discoveries on the discover section and popularity.

So, if you are thinking on capitalizing with a Snapchat-style content then this is your best time to do it!!!
What do you think about Instagram Stories? Share your views and experiences in the section below!!!