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How AI Will Change Software Development



AI change software development

Any advancement we see in our lives today; software is at the base of it. We can see how software makes the world go around and have witnessed first-hand the amazing transformation that has taken place due to software development. All the emerging technologies offered in the latest software development have been adopted by various enterprises, and artificial intelligence is no exception to this rule. This impact of artificial intelligence in any kind of software development has changed the way enterprises run their business and have also made the software smarter.

As we now know that AI has been supporting human developers, software development will also see a huge transformation. AI algorithms can now be left to do it all, whether it be quality testing or project planning, or estimating the user experience. As a result, it is redefining the work done by developers and has been providing them with big gains in speed, quality, and productivity.

AI Will Change Software

Following listed are the reasons why AI will change and benefit software development:

  1. Fully automated software testing at scale and speed: one of the most critical roles of AI has slowly become that of software testing as this is crucial to the quality assurance process. Typically, software testing is a very time-consuming and manual task, and has a high margin chance of errors. Issues such as bugs can easily slip through without anyone noticing as there is a limited workforce along with resources and time. AI is able to complete the task in better time and with more accuracy.
  2. Role of software developers already changed by AI: over the next decade, a lot of work is going to be shifted to AI. It is to be noted that AI is not going to replace the developer but instead evolve their duties and change their set of tasks so that they collaborate with AI to do the job. We will see AI taking more repetitive and simple tasks giving developers time to do more problem-solving tasks. 
  3. Enables developers to the real-time feedback of customers: by the use of real-time input from AI, this will change the landscape of the user interaction altogether. Machine learning algorithms will let the software know-how each user behaves, responds to different stimuli, automatically adjusts on-page elements, font size, and buttons. This enables a dynamic user experience that pulls in real-time data and then uses it to make adjustments and improvements. 
  4. Error management: earlier if a glitch or problem was found then a developer would have to go and look for the error. Once found then work on it in order to fix it. This process, though works fine, is extremely time-consuming and also prone to further errors. AI on the other hand is able to detect the error, diagnose and then repair the software without needing the developer’s intervention. Further, it is also able to predict beforehand and prevent and errors from taking place.
  5. Helps in building apps faster: software programmers can use AI technology to streamline processes, gain new knowledge and also write better code. AI essentially brings “autocomplete” into the process of software development and hence improves the accuracy and speed of the coding process. This allows and gives developers more time to design, problem-solve and come up with other more creative solutions to different issues.
  6. Accurate cost estimation and planning: one of the most challenging tasks in any software development is to predict the obstacles one might encounter along with how much any unknown roadblock would affect the budget and push back the timeline. AI by utilizing past data is able to factor in all probable outcomes and help software developers determine an estimate.  
 benefit software development
AI Benefit

In the long run, AI can be seen becoming a requirement for software developers. At present developers can be seen to use it in tandem with more manual tasks. But soon it will evolve into more and thereby reduce the tedious work of the developer giving them more time to apply their skills to creative and essential areas. 

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