Hidden Features of WordPress You Probably Don’t Know

WordPress is one of those outstanding content management systems that enjoy a high preference among webmasters and bloggers. If you use WordPress for your web or blog sites, you will know about its vital features and functions. You will be surprised to know there are other great WordPress features that you can miss to get hands on over them.


Spam management system

It is always common for a WordPress site to be bombarded with spam. Trackback spam is a common issue in most blog sites, especially when one can get very minimal benefit from it. If this is not so important for you, you can easily filter incoming trackback spam from your website. From the drop down menu you can choose to show all comment types and select comments and then click on a filter. You find the lists of spam comments that you can easily manage directly through the admin dashboard minus the distraction from trackbacks. This is a fast spam management system that helps you save time from manually checking comments and trackback spam.

Removing the formatting

WordPress provides you a lot of brilliant ways to use its text editors, but sometimes you want to copy paste on the text editor and you will find it frustrating when the WordPress text editor will change its original formatting. You can save the time and hassle of reconstructing your copy pasted work by simply highlighting the text with the issue and then click on the icon that looks like an eraser to remove the formatting. Using this icon will safely remove the problematic text without changing the tags like the <h1>. Thus, you can carefully remove the formatting issue without messing up with your text format structure.

Posting your stellar content

If you find there is a stellar content on your WordPress blog that deserves featuring it on your blog, you can simply use the sticky post option that is available from that particular “post publish widget”. Simply click on the edit option and then click on the stick this post to the front page box. Your post will conveniently appear on your website front page . However, make sure some WordPress themes won’t show this sticky post option.

Additional page or page options

You can optimize your post or page content better by using the excerpt, slug, discussion, comment, custom fields and send trackback options. These are additional options available that come with the commonly used options like categories, tags and featured images in your content moreover last three features are already seen as standard or default widgets from your dashboard, but you can customize your post or page screen with more widget options using the Screen Options tab located on the front page.

Use popular tags and categories

In case you are not sure about creating your own tags and categories, there is an available feature that gives suggestions on the most popular categories and tags to use for your site. This will save you time from brainstorming in finding the right category for your posts.

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