How Healthy is Your Magento Store?

Magento is most famous and widely used e-commerce platform in the world and the main factor, that is making it popular day by day is its simple and user-friendly interface which forces the developers and site administrators to prefer it over others.

Being  open source makes Magento a priority over others in the market. This app offers remarkable experience of shopping with smart content and functionality management. Your ecommerce requirements have complete solution through magento.

It’s simple and  effort less infrastructure allows the user to avail all essentials of the e-commerce with few clicks only. It provides great opportunity of installing helpful plugins and preferred as a top choice of big or small entrepreneurs.

Efficient organizational structure of magento stores brings an imperative system of accountability in order to maintain its health and security issues. It is much important to keep your magento store under protection and safety, as consistent emphasis on your business and user experience is more crucial in long term perspective.

Below are  few problems that must be taken care of while managing your magento store. If you’re regularly monitoring the symptoms of consequences which leads to slow running store you will definitely take measures to instantly fix them in order to improve the store performance.

  • SQL interrogations inside the loop
  • Loading of the same information multiple times
  • Proper memory consumption

How to overcome these problems

Every app does have some problems and circumstances but the above the problems are really small compared to the use and advantages provided by the magento store in the E-commerce industry. In order to improve the health of your magento stores one should definitely go through the following points:

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  1. Loading Minimal Products

It is crucial to load minimum percentage of products on your over view page. This will drastically improve the uploading of images and content at faster rate and help in rapid access towards your website.

  1. Constant monitoring

This is the most important part of maintaining the health of your magento store. Dedicated hosting should be the top most priority as it helps in improving the overall performance of the website.

  1. Caching

This will help in easy loading of your page and its content, caching is considered as the most important part to increase user interface.

  1. Compilation

It helps in improving and boosting the web site performance. This automatically helps to promote swift function of the website.

  1. W3 compliance

This helps in rectifying those W3 errors which slow down the browser services.

Other than this, you should ultimately add some other feature which will improve your user interface and helps you to go for better ranking. For this you can include Google maps, use proper extensions, go for some power content to maximize user interest and the most momentous one is to upgrade to latest magento version.

How Healthy Is Your Magento Store