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Graphene buy – for science, industry or as an investment



Graphene buy can be performed via several, mainly online sellers. Laboratories focus on graphene products and develop new methods for its preparation. Graphene has now become much more precious than gold. Hopefully, the price of graphene is expected to decrease in the near future due to the new technologies.

If you are interested in buying graphene for scientific research, commercial or industrial purposes, consider all your purchasing requirements and select carefully a supplier company.

History of graphene

Graphene is a perfectly organized thin layer of hexagonal carbon. The Existence of one-layer carbon was described already in 1962. The first method of efficient production of graphene was published in 2004 by two scientists: Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov. Their work was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2010. Here is the interview about graphene with one of its discoverer.

Graphene­ – material with ambitious future

From research labs, graphene enters in practical application with a wide range of use as you can read here.

Graphene is, for example, a component of daily used products such a light bulb. The price of graphene-coated bulbs is expected to be soon lower than LED technology.

Graphene buy–get famous material for everyday life

Graphene is very light and strong material with a wide range of application. Graphene could be used for:

  • Ultrafiltration of liquid and gasses
  • Construction of new-generation photovoltaic cells
  • New design of LCD and touch screens
  • Biological engineering
  • Optical and electronic manufacturing
  • Energy storage systems development
  • 3D printing
  • Specialized coating processes
  • Desalination of water

And many others…

Growth of graphene industry

Graphene technologies are on the increase. According to the Journal of Nanoparticle Research, in 2016, there were 65 graphene-oriented enterprises per 16 countries. Almost every laboratory keeps its own protocol how to create so precious large sheets of graphene.

How to get graphene for an affordable price

If you are interested in investing in a graphene, take your time. Compare the websites one by one. Investigate the history of companies fabricating graphene products. Search for the presence of their patents and scientific publications.

Graphene as a commodity

From a commercial point of view, graphene represents a valuable commodity. Growing sector of graphene production can be marketed to investors.

There are thousands of new patents issued every year concerning graphene and private firms develop the global graphene market. Some of them are known as big technological giants and graphene plays only a part role in their portfolio. Others are start-ups with “full-time” graphene research.

Investing in graphene

Investment in graphene has grown in recent years and the field is rapidly expanding. The market is segmented across the application reflecting the different purposes of graphene use. For those who are deeply interested in graphene is here several “graphene investment guides”. You can invest in either the graphene production equipment or in graphite miners.

New financial bubble?

New technologies often start by the phases of excitement and expectations which mirrors on the market. Actually, graphene is purchased in low volumes and at high prices. A rapid worldwide spreading of technology could change the situation within the relatively short time. Asian and Japan industry is already seeking for a cheaper process of graphene fabrication.

But despite speculation (some users are willing to pay very high prices, for example in specific military area applications), graphene for its limitless applications represents an interesting commodity deserving attention.

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