Is Google Trying to Takeover Twitter?

There are rumors abound that Twitter may be in Google’s watchlist for a takeover.

There have been claims for some time that Google may be eyeing Twitter to counter Facebook’s growing presence in both the social and “search” domain.

The search giant already has a social counterpart to Facebook but it hasn’t been as popular.

There is no confirmation from Google or Twitter, but there are many industry critics who claim that the search giant may be serious this time.

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Twitter may be one of the leading social networking sites (although technically referred to as a micro-blogging site), it has yet to reach the break-even point.

It has regularly been in the middle of takeover rumors during the last few years. This time it is claimed that Google is making an even harder attempt for a takeover.

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Twitter has however benefited from the latest series of rumors about its takeover. Its share increased by more than 4% on the day the WebSphere started populating with the new information. recently came out with its claims that Goldman Sachs was working behind the curtains to help Twitter ward off attempts of takeover. If the market analysis agency is to be believed, two companies have been working to takeover the micro-blogging site. It has named the first company to be Google.

A few years ago both Google and Facebook made buyout attempts for Twitter.

The social site was successful in turning down the offers, with the objective to compete against both for advertising revenue and users. Then, there were rumors that Apple was working on a buyout to make its debut into the arena of social networking.

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In its recent information release, hasn’t said anything about the second company alongside Google that could have been attempting a takeover.

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