Google Search Operators for Webmasters

Have you ever given a thought to the thousands of results that each of your Google query generates?

Yet, you hardly get exactly what you’re looking for. Google can sometimes feel like a confusing maze.

As a fellow webmaster, I perfectly understand the feeling. For this reason, I’ve brought you this infographic that’ll serve as a handy reference everytime you are looking for something specific on Google. I bring you a few highlights below.

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Exclude a Word from Your Search

It is often quite difficult to narrow down your search when Google invariably lands you on pages that you don’t want to visit.

For instance, let’s suppose that you’ve read almost everything there is to read on Moz and want a fresh perspective on SEO.

But the moment you type something like “SEO best practices” in Google search, it coughs up pages from Moz. To eliminate pages from this website you can simply use “” (hyphen without quotes).

For instance you could try: SEO best practices – You’ll see several pages related to SEO best practices but not a single page belonging to Moz.

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Generate Exact Results

Google often omits a few words and generate results that aren’t necessarily what you’re looking for. Taking care of this is a breeze. All you need to do is enclose your query in quotes.

To explain with an example, try: top SEO strategies and you’ll find that all results have an exact match for this phrase.

Searching like this cuts down the time and brings exactly what you want before you.

The infographic that I’ve given below also goes further to explain how to find link building opportunities and promotional avenues with ease.

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This infographic is contributed by SEO Optimizers

Now your turn:-

There’s a wealth of information in it. Make the most out of it by using it as a point of reference.

If you think I can make it better by mentioning anything extra, I’d love to listen to your suggestions.

I regularly check the comment section below and would love to read your views.

  1. Well writing Brandon !
    Having a good phrase and determining the competitors of the certain phrase are must be under consideration of any Webmaster.
    I appreciate your writing .

  2. Nisha Pandey

    Hello Jeeshan,

    Thanks for your feedback and appreciation.
    Brandon has created a valuable and comprehensive guide!
    Yes, its extremely important to find relevant and effective keyphrases and determine the competitors to improve rankings.

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