Google Play Store update

Google Play Store to have new Age-Based Rating System

Imagine if apps on Google Play Store were rated based on age rather than on a general basis. Most often parents will check the age-related ratings before allowing their kids to download any apps or games.

The new rating system will help users learn what people of different age groups think about a particular app. Besides, Google has also upped the app review system.

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Google Play Store update

Google will now allow developers to complete a rating list when they post their apps and games on the Play Store.

They can complete the rating questionnaire from the Developer Console. In some cases if the application is not completed, it may not be displayed in certain areas.

The concept behind the new rating system is that different content is seen in different ways for different age groups in different countries.

Developers will now be able to show their apps in the right way for their targeted audience.

The new feature is also expected to help make it easier for users to find the right apps and games.

The new rating system can be seen in the next few weeks. If a geographic region is not covered, users from such locations will be able to see more general, age-based ratings.

According to Google, its Play Store department started reviewing apps a few months ago so as to enhance the overall catalog. This was done before the app was published.

In the new process, a new team will work on the identification of any violation by the developers before they release their apps on Play Store.

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Besides the developer ratings, the apps will now also have ratings from major associations and organizations such as the International Age Rating Coalition, Pan-European Game Information and Entertainment Software Rating Board among others.

  1. Oh my God Its is very important Play Store Google , i Think Rating is Major Role For All Website , developers before they release their apps on Play Store.Thanks Sis ,

  2. Hi Nisha,
    Nice share. This is really a great move from Google. This will help us to get the app which is useful for similar age group.
    Thanks for sharing this news 🙂

  3. Nisha Pandey

    Hi Leena,

    Yes, this is going to change a lot about how people use the Play Store, making things easier and more effective for them.

    Welcome dear!

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  4. Nisha Pandey

    Hi Kuldeep,

    Yes, you are absolutely right. This will help different age groups to find the right apps for themselves. Google is always moving towards enriching user experience by making things convenient, useful and efficient.

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