Google Launches new Google+ Photos in-Drive Feature for Google Apps Users

Google+ Photos are now available in your Drive. So you will be able to see it in your Drive. Google announced this new feature before releasing it. So, all your images in Google Photos will be accessible from your drive. The new feature will be available on all apps accounts. It is expected that almost all the standard accounts have already received it through an update.

You will find a notification in the user interface of your Drive that allows you to add Google Photos to My Drive. This new folder will let you to manage your images and videos along with other files. You can also tweak the settings to enable automatic addition of Google Photos into a My Drive folder.



The new Photos folder can also be renamed, shared, deleted or moved. Even if you uncheck the setting to hide the folder, it will still be there and keep the existing photos intact. It will however not add any new images. Google has however provided an option to disable desktop syncing of the new folder. This can be adjusted from the Sync Client Preferences section in settings.

Google has also said that if you have set up the Auto Backup feature for Google+ Photos, you should ensure that there is no unintended syncing to your corporate Drive account. Thus, there is lot of flexibility with regard to the way you want to use the new feature.

If you decide not to integrate your images any longer, you could easily put the folder out of the loop. You could discontinue with syncing or move the folder or even delete it from Drive. Many users will find it valuable, especially the automatic movement of all Google+ images. With your access to your Drive, you will be able to have all the images at your fingertips at all times.

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