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Google Developers to Join Google Wave and Orkut

Google Code or Google Developers is Google’s website for APIs, development tools and technical resources. It provides documentations for all the tools and APIs for all the popular products from Google, including Google Apps, Google Maps and YouTube.

Similar to several of its other products, Google has announced that it will be terminating Google Developers in a short time.

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Google feels that Google Developers has outlived its purpose. The underlying fact is that it hasn’t served the purpose the company desired it to. The site doesn’t have many development projects being hosted on it. It is highly likely that Google will not continue with the site after 2015.

Google Developers

In fact, Google has moved most of its own open-source projects to GitHub. Users can also migrate their projects to the popular dev projects site. The administrative staff at Google Code has been spending most of its time managing all the spam and abuse.

GitHub and Bitbucket are just few of the other project hosting services out there and they have been able to draw most of the users away from Google’s product.

Google may be the largest search engine; it has however created a name of itself by regularly shutting down a number of its products. Google Buzz, Google Wave, Orkut, Google Labs, and Google Reader are some of the well known products which have been discontinued.

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The company has however announced that it will not shut down other hosting services – at least not for the time being.

Some of the most notable tools on the Google Code include App Engine, Google Plugin for Eclipse, Google Web Toolkit, OR Tools, Project, and Gears.

Google Code is a free service for all Open Source projects. With one more product going down the line, rumours are abound on social networks whether this has become a trend with the web giant.

Whether Google will be replacing it with an alternative, only time will tell!

  1. Google have expands their business to many market and there’s nothing new if you can found Google services in anywhere. I have heard that Google have plans to release its own VPN service. So do we should to worry about their service ?

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