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Google Chromecast Offers more Control with TV Remote Update

Google’s digital media player Chromecast is a great product streaming HD audio-video content from the internet. But it has had one issue for a long time. It cannot be controlled without using a phone or tablet.

Google also seemed not to bother with this problem for some time, but it has heeded to repeated requests by users.

Chromecast was launched with 4 compatible apps – YouTube, Netflix, Google Play Movies & TV, and Google Play Music. Today you can find a lot of new apps like ‘megabox hd app” available on the system. But control has always been a major issue for users.

Google Chromecast

A new update is available for Chromecast that offers a certain degree of control over the system. You could at least control play and pause, and the device that can help you achieve this is your TV remote. But make sure that your television supports HDMI-CEC.

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The technology is available in TV sets made in the last few years. But users will have to enable it from the TV settings and it can be a little complicated.

It is interesting that it is not Google that announced the new update. It was detected by Reddit users who noticed that remove control support worked with many apps including YouTube, WatchESPN and HBO Go.

But it will still not offer total control. You cannot use any other playback commands. It is also not supported by all the Chromecast apps. So don’t expect it to provide control over the play/pause on Netflix.

Google Chromecast may have done a great job by reinventing the remote control for touch screens. You will still have to use a conventional remote for volume controls and making other inputs.

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So until Google thinks of something better, you could switch to your old remote to control a few playback commands on the system.

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