Google Chrome

Google Chrome to Receive a Major Update

If you are already getting update notifications on your Chrome browser, it is time you updated it. Google Chrome is testing the beta v43 of its next update and there are many new features to be had. So what is special about the newest version of Chrome?

The Push Notification is one of the main features that users will be able to access in the new Chrome update. Imagine being able to get notifications from websites, especially when the browser is closed.

The new update will allow you to get notifications without concern whether the browser is open or not.

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Google Chrome

So how does the new Push Notification feature work? Users will be able to create the list of their favourite websites and activate the notifications from the browser. Chrome is already the market leader. The Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera are the other players. Users had been asking for this feature for some time.

We learned about the new feature in the beta v42, where Chrome had started testing it. Critics claim that the new feature will give more advantage to the browser in terms of popularity. Users will be able to manage the sites that they need notifications from.

Users were able to add a website to their home screen for some time. But the shortcuts would work only for full-fledged web applications.

Chrome will now notify users when they have visited a site that is perfect for placing on the home screen. Interestingly, this feature is not going to appear every time. There are certain conditions that need to be fulfilled.

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The beta version also provides a banner for Android users. Users can easily add a bookmark from this banner. In this case also the feature will not appear in the case of all the websites.