How Google Chrome OS Updates Work?

Even when Microsoft is planning its Windows 10 update and Apple is rolling out iOS 8.2, Google’s Chrome OS seems to be lost more in obscurity.

The Google Chromebook Pixel and Acer Chromebook 15 are some of the biggest names in the list of devices running on this unique Linux-based OS. But most users don’t know much about Chrome OS’ upgrades.

Google has rolled out the latest Chrome OS release, 41.0.2272.102, and chances are that most users may not even know it. So how do Chrome OS upgrades work?

Google Chrome OS Updates


First and foremost, all updates on Chrome OS take place automatically and silently. In fact, your device will not inform you through notifications. This can be compared to Google Chrome browser’s update.

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Similarly, the Chrome OS updates keep taking place in the background. The good thing about this type of update is that the system will not require you to stop working to allow the download and installation.

The only indication that you will see is when the update has been completed. A tiny arrow will appear on the bottom right side of the display. There is however an option to check updates manually.

This can be done from the Help screen. Besides, updates can also be setup so that any new release is automatically updated.

Another interesting point about the Chrome OS update is that it rolls out more frequently than any other operating system. Usually, an upgraded is released every 3 weeks.

It is also possible to view what new has been upgraded in the latest update. The information can be checked at Google’s Chrome Releases Blog.

It is also worth noting that Chrome OS updates are typically offered for a period of 5 years from the device’s launch date. But it is not surprising that the updates can continue even beyond this period. Check the Chrome OS End of Life information page where the duration of the updates is listed.

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So now that you know more about Chrome OS updates, you can start by scheduling the updates or checking what’s available in the latest release.

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    About Google Chrome OS, I have not try it before but I think they are working to improve it day by day and could be popular like Windows.

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    Yes Annette,

    Google has expanded to all the markets globally, and are even venturing into fields that other internet giants haven’t even thought of(robotics is one good example).

    Chrome OS is certainly on an evolution mode,and we can expect it to grow and compete with the industry-leaders.

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