Google Analytics Made Easy by Google+ Pages Dashboard Update

Analytics advocate at Google Inc., Daniel Waisberg had recently announced for an update to your Google+ business pages, taking into account the addition of information regarding Google Analytics directly to the dashboards of pages.

In stark language, now a Google+ card can be appended to the G+ page’s Dashboard, which relates back to the websites provided that website uses Google Analytics tools. This will notify you of new visits, count of new visitors and related information with page views that are retraced by the visitor from your social profile with Google. The data accumulates information prior to a month of visits and comprise of percent variation from the past 30 days’ time.

Google+ dashboard - google analytics

What does this feature update means to business analysts?

It calls for a great deal of tools and a great deal of attention to maintain trail of every single metric that signals health of a website. Click-thought, bounce rates and backlinks are needed to be optimized in a page properly. This also includes the quick tour of previous month’s social activities over your website. This all is included in this update to Google+ environment, still standing to survive today.

What does this update offer to Google?

This update will invariably help the Google to revive its declining popularity amidst stiff competition from its counterpart social networking platform Facebook. It will attract those business enthusiasts who are waiting to clinch every chance to make profit of social media awareness of their sites.

What does Tool Tip Card say about this feature?

The well known tool tip cards of Google services that help users in understanding the behavior of these services says much about this update. The Card’s “Tool Tip” details above mentioned information, requesting you to configure the default view and edit properties of Google analytics accordingly.

Other cards found in the Analytics section of Dashboard contain Notification explicit to that page, discovery options on Google Maps and Google Search, your website’s outreach and information about your Business page.

Advantages of using this add-on of G+

This update is much appreciated by the experts who previously advocated for the integration of Google Analytics feature in its subsidiaries. Content analytics are really astonished of this step, leaping towards the suitability of employing social media as an analysis platform as well.

Amidst popularity of Facebook, Google has its unique approach to lure opportunists and make them realize the usability of integrated tools to increase productivity of their business sites. This is the sole reason, Google+ exists and emerging as a business centric platform.


The Google plus page dashboard provides handy tools with three KPIs, users can make use of in tracking each and every metric (supra). Google+ isn’t an in style social network for personal sharing, but it is more like a hub for communities and persons looking for branding of their services. The pages Dashboard update has made it easier and set an example of the search giant’s efforts. This might pay it off because it is a win-win situation for companies as well as people associated with Google+.