Google Analytics for iOS Receives a Major Update

There’s good news for online marketers and webmasters worldwide. The Google Analytics for iOS has been updated to the new version v1.2.0. A number of new features have been added that will make reporting and analysis easier for everyone.

Some of the most notable features include better comparison and small but crucial tweaks to the UI. Google Analytics for iOS now enables users to do a lot:

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  • You can compare data between different date ranges. For example, you could run comparison between current and previous date ranges – between current week and same week from several months ago.
  • You can now configure the most used views and favorite views in the app.
  • There is a better view selection that has been powered by a search feature. It has been entirely revamped visually.

Google Analytics for iOS

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Google has released the app and it is already available on the App Store.

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With this release, other users will also be expecting a fresh update for their targeted platform. Android has a much larger market share than for iOS.

Google has lately followed a trend where it launched its iOS apps in advance. If its recent convention is to be seen, it could be a few weeks before the Play Store could also see a similar app docked in it.

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