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Why Google alphabet on reddit are not popular a years ago

Google has been ruling the internet for a long time now and the internet giant experienced many changes in the past 16 years. From just being a search engine, it became the largest and most powerful tech company of the world.

But recently Google experienced a drastic change. Not only did they change their logo but a new parent company named “Alphabet” was formed.

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The company underwent a massive restructuring and things became a lot different. It is now listed in the stock market as “Alphabet” and the name “Google” only refers to the search business of the company.

Google is an unconventional company and over the years they have provided services which have redefined the internet. Some of these services like YouTube, Chrome, Google Maps and Android have more than 1 billion users and this drives them to develop more revolutionary ideas.

Google becomes slimmer, Alphabet becomes bigger

Though the name has changed, Google will continue to be the largest subsidiary of Alphabet. Larry Page has become the CEO of Alphabet Inc. and Google’s co-founded Sergey Brin is the president.

Meanwhile, Sundar Pichai has taken the role of CEO of Google and he will be a crucial part of this new structure.

Page thinks Alphabet will make the company cleaner and increase accountability. It comprises of several companies which focus on different things and is not similar to Google.

So, to run each one of them independently and that too efficiently, Alphabet was created.

Google alphabet on reddit

The prediction on Reddit

The interesting thing is that, Google’s massive restructuring into Alphabet was predicted one year ago on Reddit. Seems spooky, isn’t it? But there is more to this story.

Google’s new logo and the formation of Alphabet may have surprised many people around the world, except Ojus Naravane.

In June 19, 2014, the redditor uploaded an image and it was extremely unique. It was a different representation of the alphabet, as every letter stood for a Google Product.

From Google Analytics to Google Zeitgeist, it was carefully complied and brilliantly thought. Now here is an important question, why was it not popular?

Google alphabet

Alphabet Prediction – Why it failed to steal the limelight?

With Social media spreading its wings and quality content being created every day, the internet is slowly becoming a vast pool of creative ideas screaming to be discovered.

The person who created the image had no inside knowledge about Google’s big plan and mostly its guess work and some creative thinking.

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After Google shared the news about Alphabet, people around the world started tweeting to recognize Narvane’s effort, but before that it was just another post.

It was purely coincidental that the two things bear a shocking resemblance. A subreddit or a Facebook post and even a tweet from a normal user can be sensational but it will only be limited to their circle.

It can get a few hundred shares or retweets but the popularity is limited to that. Moreover, people didn’t see it coming and that is why they didn’t pay so much importance to this post on Reddit.

 Accuracy of the post

So what about the accuracy of this post? Except the name, there is much dissimilarity. Alphabet is highly ambitious and Google is just a part of it.

But in the graphics, almost every letter began with Google. The companies include Google Fiber, Google Life Sciences, Google Nest, Google X and others.

This shows to what extent Google has gone ahead, from offering products like broadband internet to running a secret lab, they do it all. Alphabet’s primary objective is to fill the blanks so that every letter represents a company.

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Moreover Google Reader is not active since July 1, 2013 and people began using alternatives like Feedly, Inoreader, NewsBlur, RSSOwl and similar applications.

Launched in June 2012, Nexus Q failed to grab people’s attention due to the exorbitant price and was finally shelved after a few months. So its addition to the list makes no sense. If you look closely, the logo of Google Maps is not correct as the location pointer should be on the right hand side and not left.


It was Ojus Naravane’s first post on the website and he got tremendous response for it. It was a simple discussion on Reddit, but after Alphabet came into existence the entire scenario changed.

People were trying to wrap their minds around Google transforming to Alphabet and a spicy conspiracy theory was perfect at this juncture.

Posts like this get lost in the content jungle and new posts reappear. This one was much talked about and the internet had its share of fun, nevertheless the world is ready to live in the Alphabet era.

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