Gmail Receives an Update for More Time Saving and Convenience

Google has updated its popular webmail service, Gmail, and there are some major new updates to keep you sticking with the service. There is a reason Gmail continues to be among the top two email clients.

Google’s KISS concept has continued to help its search engine and email services remain on the top. So what is in the latest update from the webmail service?

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Gmail now allows you to view all your email accounts from the same inbox. You could also get your out-of-Gmail emails into your Gmail inbox. So you could access your Yahoo! Mail and accounts and even other IMAP or POP accounts.


There will be no longer any need to switch between all your accounts. A single Gmail app will give you access to all those email accounts, saving you time and inconvenience. The feature is especially beneficial for professionals who use multiple email accounts.

There is a new threaded conversion view for Yahoo and Outlook users. All related emails having the same subject line will be grouped together. This will make it easier for you to follow the replies, all in the same place. There will be no need to search and open different replies.

Besides, Google has also added responsive animations. The search feature keeps getting improved with every new update. After the latest update, there is an auto-complete option so that you don’t have to type complete words. The results will display larger previews of attachments and you could save them to your Google Drive with a single tap.

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The latest update is expected to be an effort from Google to compete even better with the pre-installed email clients available on Android devices. You can install the update from Google Play Store. Google itself will be rolling it out on Android devices gradually.