GetResponse Email Marketing Tool Review

Our business model required us to focus on online marketing methods. So email marketing was the first choice for promoting our services.

We had initially conducted a few tests and the results were promising. So the next goal for us was to find a reliable and feature-rich email marketing software.

After having tested almost a dozen programs, we zeroed in on two options – GetResponse and Vertical Response. The first one was for its features and the second one for its name.

It didn’t take me and my team a lot of time to realize which one the right option was for us.

This review is an attempt for other online marketers and businesses to make the right choice.

Remember, we have tested all the major so called ‘email marketing’ software out there and we can claim to know a lot about them.

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Why we Chose GetResponse?

Getresponse Review

Before I can elaborate on the reasons and features for choosing this email marketing software, I must tell you why my team left out the competitor. Vertical Response is pretty simple.

That’s it!  We can easily tell you that it is for beginners who have just stepped into the realm of email marketing.

But it doesn’t have anything that can be said to be advanced.

Vertical can connect with major social media sites for cross promotion. As long as you have less than a thousand contacts, use it for free. But that is all it can offer.

If you need integration with your WP list, save your files and images on a server, conduct surveys, create responsive emails and landing pages, or if you are a mid-to-large business, GetResponse is the ideal choice.

Now that you know why we shed the idea of looking up to Vertical Response, it will be easier to explain the features of GetResponse. And almost all of these benefits are exclusive to this platform.

Besides, it is one of the few software out there that offers all these benefits in combo!

1. Form Builder

GetResponse - form Builder

We have two websites, two blogs and pages on all the major social networks. This email marketing software allows us to create sign-up forms embedded on all these platforms and build the list of our subscribers in an innovative manner.

They have hundreds of templates and my team is capable of customizing a number of factors including:

  • Graphics
  • Fields
  • Checkboxes

And much more! All this without doing any coding whatsoever! My team thanks me for choosing this intuitive platform.

2. Drag & Drop Editor

Creating emails is easier, faster and more creative. We could choose from so many templates and it wasn’t difficult to find colors and designs that matched our brand.

We also added images and tweaked the fonts and colors. Even social handles can be added.

And all this can be done with the drag and drop option.

3. Automation

Automation by GetResponse

Most business owners don’t know the importance of automation in email marketing. Imagine what we can do with it:

  • Send out follow ups
  • Anniversary/birthday emails (they are extremely valuable)
  • Custom offers (triggered on specific actions by the recipients)

And much more!

GetResponse helps us do all this and more. The benefits are galore – perfect timing (getting them with the right content at the right time) and relevancy. And we know how effective this Autoresponder feature has been after having evaluated all the results!

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4. Responsive Design

Responsive Design by GetResponse

The importance of responsive web design cannot be ignored in the current tech scenario where most of our audience is browsing the web on their tablets and smartphones. So, responsive email design is also a big factor for us to choose our email marketing program.

GetResponse complies with this new technology and automatically adapts our emails to fall the devices currently in use. Embracing it meant getting more results compared to the competitors.

5. Create Landing Pages

Create Landing Pages - GetResponse

An email marketing platform that helps us create landing pages! We couldn’t have asked for anything more. Mobile-ready squeeze pages, sales pages and video pages are just few of the types we could create; and the best thing is that there’s no need for any expert technical skills.

Even I could create the pages, but I let my team handle it.

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Additional Features

These were the main points on which I and my team made GetResponse our main choice.

But gradually my team elaborated me on more features that I didn’t know about.

They started creating surveys to learn more about our subscribers to deliver the right messages to them (and I was amazed by the results).

Vertical Response limits us in terms of features and packages and if we need to get more out of it, we have to shell out more – something my team advised against!

Best Email Creator

The email creator is something that wins my heart and my audiences’.

We can view the history of all the newsletters created, undo the changes, save all the content snippets and use the effective ones in more newsletters, add buttons and text blocks instantly, and do lots more.

There are over 500 templates for us to choose from, ranging from the most basic ones to the most complex newsletter templates.

responsive landing page templates

It also lets us choose from over a thousand images from istock (that is a great plus!). My team can also edit the images to customize according to our branding or message needs.

Our customers are from different time zones.

GetResponse made things easier for us in this case by allowing us to send out our newsletters at the right time based on the recipients’ time zones.

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My team had some issues a few times and we are more than satisfied with the customer support’s response and technical knowhow.

They are available 24×7 and can be reached via live chat, email and phone. They are always courteous and have always fixed the issues without causing any delays to my team.


Email marketing is not the only online marketing technique in our overall strategy. We have also invested in SEO, social media optimization and PPC.

My team has ensured that we chose the most effective platforms; and GetResponse is our most preferred choice for email marketing!

Highly recommended to everyone who seeks creativity, full freedom, tons of features and all this within an affordable budget!

  1. Excellent article, Nisha! Really well written piece. Cheers, Niraj ( Founder at

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  3. Easy to use tool making a whole marketing technique simple to follow and become successful into that also. Good work Nisha ji

  4. Hi, Nisha, great review.

    I’ve heard a few mentions of GetResponse but I hadn’t checked it out. I’m really amazed at the integration with landing pages, it seems a really joined-up piece of software.

    I really liked your honesty when you said you checked out the second one because of it’s name 🙂

    Have a great week!

  5. Wonderful article!!! We also have an account in GetResponse, yet to use it.

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    Thanks! Good to know you have an account.
    Highly recommended to start using it!

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