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How to get more free followers on Instagram Instantly



Instagram is an amazing photo sharing social media network that is growing quickly. Very soon, this mass social media network has more than 100 million active users.

You know what, in a day the count of photos exceeds more than 41 million. Likes greater than 8,000 are pressed per second and surprisingly the comments per second ranges up to 1,100.

But the network is fun only when you have followers. How to get free Instagram follower instantly? Are you thinking so?

Being a newbie to this awesome photo sharing network, they are fewer chances to have free instagram followers.

To make your account popular and to get more followers instantly, here are some simple and non-spammy practices.

Study on the best time to post on instagram.

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Clear Focus To The Instagram Account

Before doing all other things, make a choice to have a clear focus for the Instagram account. Simply set up a clear objective.

For instance, if your goal is showcase the collection of best photography, never post pictures of your hangout with friends and all.

Possibly, those who are interested in checking out best photography never like irrelevant pictures.

There are some cases, in which the accounts full of small snapshots of daily life have found success.

It may be because of followers’ interested to know more about the particular account holder.

Unless being a celebrity, it is much harder to get more Instagram followers instantly.

Sharing humanized and Related Pictures

What are the things that are common with all popular Instagram accounts…?

Their pictures can’t be a duplicate and they are extremely personal and relevant those are connected with audience. Take unique photos and connect with audiences.

The finest way to relate with audiences is to make sure that photos are not perfect. People love craziest pictures than the immense. Photos with lovely expressions will get more likes and comments.

Remember that Instagram is a place to have a human connection, rather than a place to post pictures of business.

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Linking with Facebook Account

Before few months, Instagram got a profit of 1$ dollars via Facebook. The superior news with is Integration of Instagram Photo over Facebook can be done easily.

Some people might be not having their Facebook account connected with Facebook account.

But the activity in Instagram account get streamed there automatically, by rendering the Facebook followers to have the access over beautiful Instagram pictures.

By this cross platform technique, you can gain more Instagram followers instantly. The best over this splendid network is, it permits to follow all in just few seconds.

Usage of Relevant HashTags (#)

To Organize pictures, Instagram uses Hashtags, as same as Twitter.

Use relevant Hashtags with care, as search engine of this massive network is more powerful to deliver interesting photos to its users.

Use maximum of 3 Hashtags. Some popular Hashtags are: #love, #me, #cute, #happy, #Girl, #like.

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Significant Filters

Filter is the main thing that made this impressive network to grow faster in a less time span.

By rendering a unique beauty sense, filter make all photos personalized.

Make people to engage with your pictures that are inspirational, memorable and breathless.

Perfect Timings Matters

No one notices a tree that fell down, when no one is near it. Similarly, posting in inappropriate time never gains popularity.

If you post in the middle of the night, who will like your post?

Surely all your followers are sleeping at that time. It is a fact that people will check their Instagram at two peak times: Morning time before their work and the evening time after their work.

The best timings to share pictures is evening 5 to 6PM. Sharing pictures at these crest timing will yield maximum engaging results.

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Make a Clear Call to Action (CTA)

Best and popular Instagram accounts always have a clear Call to Action (CTA).

It offers a unique way to engage with the customers and users. Craft attractive CTAs like, “If you laughed loudly now, then double tap the photo,” “Time to comments with a clever caption”.

More the exposure on the Instagram, then obviously you will get more Instagram followers instantly.

Follow and Like Others

Treat other in a way you would like to be treated. If you wish to gain more followers, likes and comments, do the same for others too. Engage, Engage, engage and engage forever.

At the time of exploring, people will notice your name and comment on other pictures as well. Follow those who followed you. The same sense works for other Instagram accounts as well.

With extended exposure, you can gain more instagram followers in a less time span.

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Collage Multiple Images

A can picture speak more than thousand words. They are too powerful to catch the look many people. Also, they can tell number of stories in a short time range.

PicStich is a remarkable and amazing tool that let to combine many pictures in a single picture to make it more engaging than ever.

A collaged pictures gains more likes, comments, and in the end many followers too.

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