Funny, Weird and Interesting Websites you must check

Today I am back with an amazing list of website that you never thought it existed. Yes, all of them are fun, entertainment, interesting websites and weird websites enough to make you laugh out loudly.

Yes, lol.

If you’re not happy right now or have a mood that is getting bored, this list is only for you.

It took me a few hours to prepare this very interesting website list. All of the websites are worth visiting once, or maybe not. Assess them yourself by clicking and trying once.

I had too much fun visiting all these weirdest websites. My happiness had no boundary walls while doing this research. Running after happiness is not a wild goose chase, All you need to be happy is a computer, a working internet connection, and this list. So, bookmark this and rename “Happiness” or “LOL”.

If you are fond of searching new cool and interesting websites then you can search also. I am sharing a reference article from Wikihow how to find cool new websites?

Let’s dive into the ocean of fun and entertainment

Interesting websites

I am going to provide you here the first list of the websites. In this list, I have included some best interesting websites. Visit these websites, you will get the awesome feel. I am damn sure these websites will provide really some interesting things to you.

Clever Bot

Clever Bot is the other name of ultimate fun. It has an intelligent chatting bot that can talk to you like a real person and can answer your silly questions too.

You can get naughty with Clev too.

You know

Sometimes the bot is behind you and sometimes you’re behind Clev. It is too much fun.


You can’t estimate the amount of entertainment you can have on cleverbot. Just have a few words with Clev and you’re gonna fall in love with her/him. I am yet confused. If you come to know it is he or she, tell me.

Visit the site Here :


Visit the site Here :

I can see the smile on your face to see a gift packed inside a bubble wrap as you know you can pop them all with an eye blink everytime and it gives a smile always.

What if you could pop them thousand of thousand times and all day long?

I’m loving it. You’ll too.

Press the Space Bar

Visit the site Here :

It is a challenge for you to beat your own score. Well, the challenge is how quick you can crush your keyboard. Lol. How many times could you hit the space bar in 5 sec?

I could hit 50 in 5 seconds.

Make sure your keyboard is safe from your anger if you already were angry from someone.

Weird websites



Visit the site Here :

Have you ever seen a 7d movie in a water park or in a fare around your city? It is nothing but an illusion.

It is a long long way to travel inside the zoo, forest, lake, and more. Zooming in, it will take you to an imaginary planet.

You’ll come to know what it is by visiting it once.


Visit the site Here :

That you’re a gay or not, can easily be tested using this tool. No explanations at all.

Feed The Head

feed the head

Visit the site Here :

Difficult yet interesting. You have to feed the head, play with eyes, ears, mouth and brain and get everything disappear however.  Addiction is the next name to it.

The Nicest Place on the Internet

Visit the site Here :

Yes, if you ever need a hug in future, you can feel free to log on this website. Sharing happiness is the sole aim of the website and people who care are there to make you feel better with a hug and sweet sound.

The Last Page on the Internet

last page

Visit the site Here :

It is the end of your internet surfing and there’s nothing beyond. Better shut down your computer and have a good sleep on your bed.

This is what this website says.  Come on, it is also a fun to land on a site like this.


Visit the site Here :

It is the baby project of Zoomquit so far as I could guess. You can zoom inside the scenes and Zoom out with the back arrow as well.

Staggering Beauty

Visit the site Here :

It is nothing but a worm which will be following your mouse pointer. You can enjoy shaking it for an unlimited period of time. You can move your mouse around the screen which in the language of the website is called “Shake Vigorously

See what happens once you land on the website.

I look Like Barack Obama

Visit the site Here : Http://

This one is apparently weird. You cannot spend your time watching a person who just look like Barack Obama and nothing else.

And  a big clarification along with the sentence that I just look like Barack Obama that the website is not owned by Barack and this guy is not however related to him.

You will love reading these clarification lines and feel refreshed after reading that lol. But, you can ask this guy to be present there at your birthday party or a reception.


Visit the site Here :

A site made for zombies and zombie lovers. A pure dating atmosphere but only for zombies and zombie lovers.

Are you one of them? It’s for you.

You can have a zombie chat to get yourself out of your deadly working shifts.

Funny Websites


Visit the site Here :

According to the website, hundred of hundred people are abducted by the alien every year and the news channels never told you this fact. So, the website dares to disclose the matter to you and has a huge story about how aliens contact you and kidnap people from the world.

News of future

Visit the site Here :

Oh yes, A newspaper that’s gonna make you laugh like you did never before. It looks like a real news magazine and you’ll feel like living in future after reading a few columns on the site.

When present gets boring, you have a way to enter into the future and refresh your mood.

Patience is a Virtue

Visit the site Here :

I appreciate your patience that you are still reading and did not click any website from above list. That is getting off topic.

The website will too appreciate your patience once the page is fully opened.

Don’t ask me how just open it yourself here.

Is It Christmas

Visit the site Here :

Yeah, only on December 15. Visiting this site on any other day than the Christmas itself will show a single plain answer, NO. Because every day is not a Christmas day and it’s totally weird.

A factory where a ball is sugarcoated and travels to get packed like it is done in a real factory but the only strange thing is that there is a huge net of the processors. You gotta concentrate on a ball and see how far it goes and what happens to it.

Technically the page has nothing but an animated gif placed on a blank white background where the animation is looping continuously.

I Hope you enjoyed the list.

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