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Free WordPress Installation Tips – Do What is Right for You

WordPress platform is one of the most popular platforms meant especially for blogging. The professional look it creates and the ease of use along with the flexibility makes it the ultimate choice of bloggers worldwide. This article aims at providing useful tips for beginners who find all the technical details related to the installation a bit overboard. The free tips help in easy installation of WordPress blog and also the hard part of optimizing the site.

Why Go for Free WordPress?

The WordPress platform is a free download platform, but you need WordPress hosting and domain which can be procured for a low cost. There are many services that offer free installation with a hosting at the rate of $4 or more per month.

Get a Performing Hosting Plan

I am sure the success of your site depends on how fast it loads. A slow loading site will repel visitors and drive them away enduringly. This also affects the search engine rankings. A speedy design helps in an immediate rise in the rankings. In spite of the hosting being optimal, the response time may reduce due to the choice of the plan.


Shared hosting can for instance lower the performance speed. Choose a plan that is able to keep up with the sudden inflow of traffic.

Go for the Fastest Theme

What I feel the theme should grab the attention of the viewer and bring out an instant response. If you run a badly coded design or one that is flooded with images, it will add too much burden on the page and slow down the loading time further.

  • As I recommend, pick out a responsive design that can be used on tablet and mobile devices in addition to desktops and laptops.


  • The responsive format also gets a good response in the search engine ranking.
  • My suggestion is to opt for themes that come with a built-in landing page design. The minimal design feature is very useful and easy to work with. With the call for action being prominently displayed, it will catch the viewers’ attention immediately and get a positive response.
  • There are many popular WordPress theme software that can be used to design the page in an effective manner.

Add Plugins Wisely

What is my most vital suggestion is include plugins that are absolutely necessary for your site only as some can slow down the site due to issues like problematic coding, constant updating of the site, etc. The CPU use of the plugins should also be verified to prevent crashing of the server.

  • Some plugins like Anti-spam plugins are necessary and you can add plugins like Bad Behavior Plugin, WP-Hash cash if you are not happy with the Akismet plugin that comes with WordPress platform.
  •  Plugins like P3 profiler help to assess the effect of the plugins on the load time and help you optimize the additions.
  • SEO plugins help to increase the traffic flow from the search engines. According to me, SEO Pressor and All in one SEO pack are some good plugins to begin with.

The WordPress directory on plugins helps you pick out the ones that are best suited for your page.

Widgets and Social Media Buttons

Though these help to know the social media statistics, they can spike the loading times which you do not want.

Social Media Buttons

A good alternative is using text links or images of social media that can be stored locally. Doing so, I happened to have saved the page size remarkably.

Work on the Permalinks Diligently

I always insist the Permalinks should be short, precise, and point to your site right on target. Revising the permalinks and using smart keywords in the description and deleting the drawn out and elaborate words will do the trick. The main concept behind the permalink is to show in a nutshell what your website is related to.

Look into the Finer Details

Details like the titles, descriptions, and footer material should be decided upon. Since the title and page description appear with your link on the search engines, you need to take care of the content. I must also say that the wordings should be focused on your niche, should entice the viewers and the description related to the title and have a powerful call to action content. Adding keyword or text lines to images also works as a good SEO technique, and guides the viewers to your site when they hover on the image. The side bar should be free of clutter and have only the necessary widgets displayed. Do not forget the footer which should contain message of copyright, links, and information on who owns the site particularly.

With speed being of paramount importance for search engine ranking, it is essential that the WordPress platform you install works optimally and succeeds in bringing in the traffic continuously. Contrary to popular belief that you need to have everything under the planet displayed on your site, eliminating the unwanted features and focusing unwaveringly on the important features will guarantee the success of your site.

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