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flok: Doing the Hardest Job for Businesses – Bringing Back Customers!



Winning new customers and generating more business from clients depends a lot on what customer experience you are able to offer. It is not easy. In fact, it is the hardest part of developing your business. It can take years if not decades to win over the trust and loyalty of your customers (depending on your industry and business type). flok is an app that can make it possible for you. This is an app designed to help your business improve both customer experience and loyalty. It makes one of the most difficult tasks in business simpler.

What Does flok Do?

flok is a rewards-based application for small and medium sized businesses to boost their customer experience levels. It provides you a wide range of features like custom digital punch cards, proximity marketing and automated personal messages to build strong customer relationships. Imagine what difference it can make about your business perception when your customers get personalized messages on their birthdays or anniversaries. Imagine being able to share information about a reward to a returning customer.

flok can make it possible!

Want to offer a reward or an additional reward, flok can do it too.

Create a membership club, engage with your customers, connect to their social media accounts, and reach out to them in places and at times when they are most ready to see your messages!

Features of flok

Create Rewards

Loyalty rewards can play a magical role in bringing back your existing customers.

Use the loyalty card app and create a custom punch card to bring back your customers. The digital punch cards will reward those who return and provide repeat business. Digital punches are easy to carry in the phone and to keep track of.

  • Select number of punches
  • Enter the reward
  • Launch in the app

The reward can be anything based on your niche. The flok rewards card app is easy to download and join and makes it fun for customers to earn punches.

  • Measure the performance
  • Stay ahead of the competitors
  • Create a unique QR code for rewards

Push Notifications on Phones

Your customers spend more time on their smartphones than almost anything else. Reach out to them with push notifications, let them know about the latest offers, and give them a reason to return. Go beyond the app and reach directly to members with targeted messages.

Key advantages of automatic push notifications include:

  • Reach out with the right message at the right time
  • Reach out to relevant members (flok has an automatic segmentation feature for members)
  • Create custom messages (special offers, happy birthdays or anything else)
  • Send out special offers based on customer proximity

Leverage the Power of Social Media

It takes just a click to reach your customers on social media sites. There is no denying that your customers will be spending a lot of their time on social networks. Share your promotional offers and reach them when they are most active. Almost everyone today has an account on Facebook or Twitter. Make the most of the power of social media sharing.

You can also display your loyalty club activities on your business’ social media profile. It takes nothing more than a click. There is no need to run complex processes. Let them check-in and let their networks know about your business.

Email Marketing

If social media is a must-reach platform, email is an even more important place that cannot be ignored. Everyone has an email account. flok allows you to send out custom, elegant emails about new product launches, new offers and special events to your customers. It takes just a few clicks to create stunning email messages that grab attention.

Customer Management Dashboard

Another feature that makes flok a good app is that it offers a single dashboard for your total customer management needs. You can keep track of all your campaigns, push notifications, email marketing, social media activities, and customer activities from the dashboard. Access the dashboard from within the app or your PC.

The flok network further helps you reach out to new customers and lure them with rewards. The network helps you reach targeted segments and boost your customer base. You can also chat with your customers from within the dashboard. The chat can be handled in both manual and ‘bot’ mode.

Powerful Customer Analytics

Always keep on top of your campaigns. If something is not working, flok’s powerful analytics let you know. Keep track of the comprehensive loyalty club activities, adjust your campaigns, and improve performance.

flok is not just an online platform to boost your customer experience and loyalty. It also has a special ‘beacon device’ that works in-store to greet your customers. Create a custom greeting message and have your customers checked-in on an automatic basis.

flok has plans starting from just $19 a month for a business that wants to target no more than 250 customers. There is a 7-day free trial option that ensures that your money is safe.


Customer loyalty is one of the hardest things to accomplish in any business. It costs only a fraction to get repeat business from same customer than acquiring a new one. Every business owner understands this basic fact. And that is where flok comes in. With plans starting from just $19 a month, it’s quite cheap to generate repeat business from existing customers.

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