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Fix Up The “This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine” Error with expert ease-



windows error

As everyone knows, since we all are living in a digitalized world where computers have great importance and use, it is must for every single person to know about the basic errors which may occur in the PC and the best ways to fix them up at the earliest and on their own. You can surely call the professionals to fix up these errors, but it will take a long time and also may cost you a lot of money. This is the reason that numerous people are searching the internet for the best and effective tips to fix such errors on their own. Numerous times, you may face the “This Copy of Windows is not Genuine build 7601 Windows PC Error” while working on your PC or installing the Windows OS.

It may also be possible that your PC might not be running a counterfeit copy and you may try to use different software to crack the genuine and safe activation of the windows. If you are still facing such kinds of possible issues and errors, then you might need to check this problem out and fix it up permanently. You may have to face this problem if you have bought a new Laptop or PC after the free license period has ended. It is one of the most common errors which may occur while installing the windows on your new PC or laptop. Don’t you want your OS to work smoothly as any genuine version should? Yes? You just need to follow some simple steps then. But first, you must understand about its possible causes.

What Are The Possible Causes Of This Issue?

•    Windows O.S. PC error problem

•    Winbuild7 build 7601 error

•    Windows Operating System issue

These are the possible causes of such kinds of errors being faced by you, but you need not call any professional as you can fix up this problem on your own without having any obstacles at all. Just have a slight look at some of these easy methods to fix up your error problem

1.    Start By Disabling The Plug & Play Policy –

•    Simply go to the start menu and type CMD in the search option

Disabling The Plug & Play Policy

•    Click on “Run as administrator” after right-clicking on the CMD option

•    Press enter

•    Now, go to the folder named 

“Computer Configuration/Windows Settings/Security Settings/System Services.”

•    Now, simply scroll down to the plug and play

•    Set startup by double-clicking on it and go back to the CMD option

•    Start typing “gpupdate /force” there and press ENTER

•    Close all the opened tabs, and it’s done.

2.    Start restoring the system of your Windows PC –

•    Go to the start menu button and search for system restore in the search option

Start restoring the system
system restore

•    Now, click on “NEXT.”

Start restoring the system
system restore

•    Choose your relevant restore point

•    Click on “NEXT” and then click on “FINISH” and “CONFIRM.”

•    Wait for a few minutes, and it will automatically get restored

•    You can now close all the tabs 

3.    Go for slmgr -rearm Command –

•    Go to the start menu and type CMD again

slmgr -rearm Command

•    Select “RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR” and type “slmgr -rearm” command there

•    Restart your computer after confirming the pop-up that says ‘Command completed Successfully.‘

4.    Rename the user account-

•    Now, you can start with opening “MY COMPUTER.”

•    Double click on the C-Drive to open it

•    Go to the Windows and click on “system32 folder “ 

•    Right click on ‘slui key’

•    Now, select the properties option and click on the security tab

•    Click on the option “ADVANCED.”

•    Go to the OWNER tab and edit the user account name and then click OK

•    You can also click on “ALLOW” to provide full control

•    You can also change the wallpaper and then just restart your PC

These are the easiest and simplest ways to fix up the “This Copy of Windows is not Genuine” error at the earliest without wasting any money by getting professional help.

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