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Five Ways to Ensure No One Throws Out Your Business Card



Business cards are the next level of professionalism, used by many high positions in companies or as personalities. It takes a lot to have your own business card, from designing to the cost of printing. I know how difficult it can be to not only design but to print and give out these business cards to the right people.

Unfortunately, not many receivers see that and you end up seeing your cards in the trash! Since we’re so into technology, we don’t look into business cards and the like anymore, but go online for contact details. However, handing out business cards is still a great way to stay on people’s minds and have our details at one’s fingertips.

So, how are you able to make and send out business cards without anyone throwing it out?

Wondering what you can do to have your business cards away from the trash and used properly? Check out these five insightful ways:

  1. Write Something On Your Business Card

If you think about it, what business cards would you keep? Of course, it would be the ones that you need to track down after the event or convention. The next cards you’d keep are the ones with any additional information or tidbits to take note of.

Not only do people keep these because of the handwritten elements, but because of the personal touch put into it. It would be a bit more difficult to throw away because of it!

But what exactly should you try to write on your business card? It should still have some substance, such as:

Additional contact details (like a phone number or email address)

A bit of information or nuggets you want to add based on your conversation

Social media usernames that aren’t listed on your business card

Website URL you didn’t list on the card

Personal messages to the person so he would remember and want to keep it for long

This increases the chance of someone keeping the business card, looking into it when he’s on his desk, then checking out what you wrote and what you have to offer!

  1. Get Your Card On Their Phone

Everyone uses their phones, whether it’s for social media or business. It’s in their pockets, on their hands, in their bags, practically wherever they go. After all, it holds all the information they need!

With that being said, people will rather want to have information from their phones than physical business cards. But how exactly can you bring your business cards to people’s phones?

When at a fair or convention with your own space, what’s better is to have your potential clients take a photo of your enlarged business card. You can send it in a frame to mount it on your space.

Encourage people to snap a photo of the business card and even have a promo, which can increase the chance of people getting your contacts into their phones for safekeeping.

  1. Make Your Contact Relevant To Others

Quality is more important than quality when giving out business cards. You want to make sure that your cards go to the right people to avoid it being thrown in the trash the moment people get home. Instead of giving your cards to anyone and everyone you see, advertise only to guests who are relevant to your industry.

As much as possible, do your research prior to the event or meetups, know who you’ll be meeting, and promote yourself to those who are most likely to be interested in your business. It takes a bit of work and effort, but the results are amazing.

  1. Build a Rapport and Network

Like I mentioned, the people who would most likely keep your business cards are the ones who really need and are interested in what you have to offer. So you shouldn’t waste your business adds and simply hand it over to people without even telling them what you’re all about. That just makes the card useless, not guaranteeing the connection for people to contact you.

Instead of just handing out your business card and walking away, build a rapport with the receiver. Engage in conversation, exchange some words, and if possible, they might even want to ask for your card for further contacting. Also, do NOT appear too eager to give out your card, but take time to get to know the person, build your connection, and hand over your card when the timing’s right.

  1. Using Old Business Cards

Unfortunately, we can’t prevent business cards from being thrown away 100% of the time. To combat the wastage of business cards, it’s best to use your old ones with former designs, as long as it has similar contact information. Since these cards are dispensable, the businesses you get from these cards are a huge bonus in the long run.

After all, it’s better to give these old cards than to throw them away while they’re still relevant! Place these on your table during fairs or keep them in your bag or pocket just in case someone needs it.

Wrapping It Up

According to JoinPrint giving your business cards is still a great way to branch out, expanding your network and letting your potential clients know who you are. And yes, while there’s a chance of it being thrown away, more people will want to keep it for future reference. As long as you design it well and give it to the right people, you know your efforts haven’t gone to waste.

Hopefully, this article on the five ways to ensure no one throws out your business card helped you. So don’t wait any longer and start following these tips in designing and giving out your business cards now.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences with creating and giving out business cards, then comment below. Your thoughts are appreciated!

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