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Five killer SEO Techniques for an Automobile Blog



Blogging has been a habit of people for many many years now. Back then, blogging was a passion and the primary benefit people yielded out of them is the popularity and the online presence that they got. Moving towards this contemporary era, where everything is slowly shifting to the online platform, there has been quite a big change in the way people see and think about blogging.

To be more precise, the passion of blogging is still there, much stronger than before (you could say this by seeing the increasing number of bloggers coming around). But what has changed is the knowledge and the technique that people have been exposed to over the years. By implementing these techniques, boosting up the online presence through SEO (search engine optimization) has become a part and parcel of blogging itself.

Not a rocket science though, but still I will prefer repeating it – starting a blog isn’t everything and the end of responsibilities, there are lots to do. Speaking on any specific niche, automobile blogs have seen a surge in numbers. With every passing day, a greater number of such blogs are coming up, whether commercial or non-commercial. Hence, it is quite necessary to stand out among the other by boosting the presence of your blog.

Here are the 5 killer SEO techniques that you should implement on your newly formed automobile blog in order to boost the organic traffic.

Use right keywords

Since the beginning of time (read: the beginning of blogging trend), including keywords in the blog posts has been the go-to SEO technique. If blogging was a religion, keywords would be the saints – this is probably the best way to describe how important keywords are for your blog. Keywords are little phrases and the small group of words that contain the subject (the search item).

However, just like too much of anything is not good, too much of keyword stuffing or irrelevant keywords are never the right thing to do, it will never yield the desired results. In order to ascertain the most relevant keywords, you can use a keyword research tool, that will give you a list of those terms that Google users used to search for a specific subject.

Most successful keywords in this niche are Car name + Price, Car name + model year etc.

Write about upcoming cars

And indeed, this philosophy will be applicable on any blog that you think of running. Writing about the latest cars or the ones that are expected to be launched in the near future will definitely be a big boon for your blog.

As common knowledge would hint at, new cars or the cars that are expected to be launched soon are any one of the following – are more talked about, hyped or overrated. Whenever a new car is introduced or is announced of their introduction, they are more talked about than older cars. Hence, covering them in dedicated posts or making a separate product page for them will do a world of good to the traffic of your website.

Write comparisons and list articles

I will speak about comparison articles first. Each time a new car is set to come up the block, people develop an unfulfilling enthusiasm of getting it compared to the one that already exists in order to find out which is the best one among them. Moreover, most of the potential car buyers who make a research online before finalising their purchase,go through various comparisons to ascertain their decision.

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On a similar note, list articles are equally interesting to the readers. Articles like “Top five fuel efficient cars under $x,xxx” perform great in terms of getting search engine traffic”. List articles are basically comparisons on a large scale, where you compare all the cars in a particular segment and list down the top cars.

Optimise images

Optimising images are the most underrated yet widely used SEO tactic. While adding an image to a blog post, the people who never worked on image optimisation will simply keep the file name same as the raw file, like “img0021”, “photo0021” or “DCIM0021”. If you keep doing this, you will never find the images of your website on Google’s image search results. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to name the images in relevance to the post (even better if you could add a keyword to the file names).

Another factor that falls under image optimisation is the image size. You hate wait-time, don’t you? Any website that takes more than 5 seconds (on good internet connection) to load will put you off and chances are that you will click away from the website sooner than later. Exactly the same thing others feel too. If your website is slow, you will lose a lot of your organic as well as paid visitors. Large image files are a good contributor to the wait time of a blog. Adding smaller images (JPEG, as they are of better quality at lesser sizes) will boost your website load time and the traffic too.

Improve your social media presence

Social media is one of the most sought-after methods how top automobile blogs are raging up their website traffic. Social media marketing is one of the core methods to get you blog up in everyone’s mind. Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) has a huge user base, much more than we can imagine. Hence, if you can create a strong and big group of loyal readers on social media platforms, the chances of you succeeding in this business will increase, big time.

Creating a Facebook page, Twitter account and other relevant presence will allow you to post your latest blogs via links and people will click on them and visit your website if they find interest in what they see, initially. Hence, the higher number of followers, the more traffic you can expect.

Is that all?

The world of SEO is diverse and dynamic. Hence, you can never say that you have done all and it’s time for you to reap the dividends without further efforts. Never.

In fact, once you get on with the best tactical SEO techniques, you will find that there are so much more than you may have thought about. The above-given tactics are the most important once for a beginner automobile blog but the list is inexhaustive. There are so much more that you can possibly do after you have covered the basics.

Yatin Kumar is a professional wordsmith with 4+ years of experience in content writing and editing on the trendy and upcoming cars in the market. He possesses excellent skills in Creative Writing, Corporate Communication, Digital Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising and Management. His aim is to lead the path of growth and learn new ways to explore every possible talent.

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