Facebook Launches Riff for Creating and Editing Videos

Facebook Launches Riff for Creating and Editing Videos of up to 20 Seconds

Facebook has been video conscious for a long time now. It has now released a new video app known as Riff. The social site’s objective behind launching the new app is to make it easier to share videos. Mark Zuckerberg had previously mentioned that his site has been receiving an increasing number of video shares from its users.

Especially at this year’s F8 Developer Conference, the CEO of Facebook had said that the future of sharing will be focused more on videos rather than on text and images.

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Facebook Launches Riff for Creating and Editing Videos

The new app will allow users to create and edit videos before posting. Riff has been made available on both the Play Store and the App Store. There is a limit to the length of videos – 20 seconds.

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Once the video has been edited, you can post it along with hashtags. According to Facebook it is part of a longer storytelling concept. Once a user has posted a video, friends can also play a collaborative role by posting their own videos to tell the longer story.

According to Facebook, this new app will help create longer stories through potential collaborations between friends. A simple and short video could grow and become part of a larger creative project among friends, and the videos can be shared on Facebook or beyond.

It has already played a few moves in the search-department to give a jolt to Google.

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The social giant has already enabled the universal embedding of its video player across the web. Thus, the social site seems to be working on evolving from a simple social networking site to something with extensions in the search and video business too.

It will still take some time before it makes any mark in those domains.