Facebook Continues to Thwart Google through New Acquisition

There have been rumours abound that Facebook wants to challenge the largest search engine and become one itself. When Mark Zuckerberg launched Graph Search, he acknowledged that it was part of the social network’s long-term strategy to become a source of information. The company taking over TheFind.com may also be seen as a step towards this direction.

There are many things that work in the favour of Facebook, and its index of data is larger than for any search engine. Currently, the company is working on developing a search function that could also be made available on mobile devices.

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It is intended to allow users to ask for advice and get solutions using voice recognition.


Until that comes into force, Facebook seems to be on an acquisition spree as part of its “search” expansion. After acquiring TheFind.com, Facebook said that the move was part of its plan to deliver better user experience.

TheFind is a unique search engine that focuses only on the shopping world. It indexes product from across different ecommerce sites.

The company was established in 2006 and specialising in discovery shopping search. The Mountain View, California based company is funded by Bain Capital, Lightspeed Venture, Cambrian Ventures and Redpoint Ventures.

Facebook will have its team working together with TheFind team to integrate technology. The unique search engine’s search database comprise of more than 0.5 billion products from half a million online and offline stores.

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The search algorithm is based on popularity and relevancy of the products. Currently, the search engine doesn’t have any pay for placement system.

Facebook and The Find have made it official that the social giant is taking over the shopping search engine. How Facebook will integrate it into its own social environment is worth looking at.

Facebook already has an advertising and shopping centre programme. It is most likely that The Find will power this model.

  1. Yes, there a competition but Facebook and Google are internet companies on different stuff. Only one thing makes them similar that’s Google+ and Facebook itself. However, Google+ has a long long way to go to reach the standard that Facebook holds. The post is very informative. Looking forward for more post.


  2. Nisha Pandey

    Hi Indraneel,

    You are correct Faebook and Google are completely different in their nature. But since the launching of Google + which was clearly Google’s way of retaliating to facebook’s huge popularity, the competition among the two giants have been very public. And with the launch of The Find it’ll become more intense .

    Thanks for visiting. Have great weekend 🙂