facbook chat bots

How Facebook ChatBots are Revolutionizing the Social Media Marketing?

The marketing world is voracious about the chatbots. Since the day it was revealed by Mark Zuckerberg, it has become the most engrossing topic of discussion. Initially, people were astonished by the news of chatbots. Many were mystified why Facebook being a human to human interaction site is promoting to human-bot interaction? But after various discussions and journals, it is found that it is not just an awesome idea, it’s a revolution that Facebook has initiated in the marketing sector.

facbook chat bots

Real-time engagement is the only key element to making your audience continuously follow your posts and updates on Facebook. Keeping this idea in mind, chat bots have been incorporated with the messenger. So what is a Chatbot and how it can bring revolution in marketing sector? Let’s Go step by step:

What is a ChatBot?

The idea of ChatBot has been around for over a decade now. These are nothing but an automated software that can converse automatically with another Facebook user. The application of Artificial Intelligence is the mother of chatbot theory. Over the time, the potential of chat bots have significantly improved and it is expected that the conversation using Chatbot would be valuable, amazing and practically similar to how we interact in person. It is a single app that will replace a number of apps.

For example- if you want to know the temperature, you don’t need to open a weather software, you simply need to ask the bot about the same.


Today there is a stiff competition in the silicon valley to design the best possible chatbot. Many companies, including various big names of the market have already started incorporating chat bots in their FB messenger.

For ex- Pizza Hut has recently enabled chatbot on their Facebook page. Now you can order your pizza with a simple text. You’ll get a confirmation text as soon as you ask for a Pizza Order.

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How can it Help Businesses?

Accessible Anytime:

Clients often get irritated when organizations just appear at certain specific hours. Clients want that they can contact an organization at whatever time of the day or night for help. A chatbot can be that point of contact that can help with general queries or direct data gatherings to the suitable technique for taking care of a difficult issue. At whatever time accessibility showcases the organization as being effortlessly available for clients.


Lead Generation:

Lead era organizations run wild on the web.

  • Make a Landing page.
  • Secure Targeted leads.
  • Offer leads to makers.
  • Profits

While I haven’t seen it yet, I expect we will see chatbots that go as an lead generation tool for a business with an underlying spotlight on content. The chatbots that convey experiences and data to clients who are searching for exhortation about home possession, protection, weddings or accounts and after that go to client data to different organizations who offer administrations and items that line up with the content they’re conveying.

For instance, imagine you’re conversing with the “Life-Bot” and begin taking part in a discussion about home purchasing. As the dialog proceeds with, the bot assembles data like the amount of money you have for an initial installment, where you need to live, whether it’s your first home. This kind of chatbot would be really helpful if all this information is passed to a real estate organization.



The normal expense of designing a basic application is somewhat over $7,000. Complicated applications could cost as much as $180,000. While there are no such midpoints accessible for chatbots, experts say “it is much less expensive and simpler to assemble a chatbot utilizing any of the chatbot building stages officially accessible. Most organizations require organized chatbots that play out a set number of undertakings, these are quite easy to design and handsomely cost efficient.



900 million Messenger Users:

That is the number of users on Messenger today. Facebook commenced this entire chatbot furor in April by permitting outside bots on its messenger. So in the worst case even, this is the potential crowd you can reach. Include different systems (WhatsApp has not joined the chatbot fleeting trend yet) and the aggregate gathering of people on messaging platforms is well in an abundance of 1.2 billion. Consider additionally that messenger is more prevalent than social networks.

Chatbots Talk Up Industry Applications:

Organizations are right now utilizing chatbots to a great extent to handle customer service issues, yet there are other potential applications where the innovation can be utilized. Chatbots, combined with the utilization of an online video administration, for example, YouTube, may one day be utilized as a part of e-learning, where the bots serve as teachers. The capability of utilizing chatbots as employment recruiters Twitter , which would handle the primary period of the meeting procedure by offering conversation starters to candidates and assessing reactions. This is the place the innovation can be possibly problematic. Its client support use is more transformative than progressive.


Final Takeaway-

A chatbot is a great idea for brands to leapfrog in this competitive market. Once a brand incorporates a chatbot, it is pretty sure that other strategy looks quite archaic in front of it. This is the reason why this is not just a new tool for marketing but it has become an important topic for research. And it is pretty sure that brands that won’t support or embrace chatbots will be left behind on the market in the days to come.

Have you embraced chatbots in your messenger? Share your experience with us in the section below!!!

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