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Essay Writing Hints- 7 Steps to Writing Great Essays



Essay Writing

Often, many students try to evade writing essays in their ordinary course of study. However, they forget that this is the most critical element of the curriculum. Nowadays, due to competition, there’s a high expectation from the students.

More so, with the burden of academic subjects, scholars are usually careless when it comes to writing essays, they usually lack ample time to come up with excellent essays. Therefore, essay writing is usually a daunting experience among many.

However, learning how to break the process down into a few easy steps can give you the confidence required to come up with interesting, high quality essays.

Some tips to writing great essays are:

Use an engaging topic

If your subject has different subjects, it’s wise to narrow it down to one specific area. By doing so, you make it easy to read as compared to if you cover everything at once. Besides, it also enhances the quality of your work

However, if you have the chance to select the topic, opt for one that interests you. This way, researching becomes much more comfortable, and your enthusiasm is evident even amongst your readers.

Research adequately

Another critical tip when writing essays is to ensure that you use sufficient time gathering information on your chosen subject. Study as many relevant materials as possible but also take notes as you read, this ensures that you don’t forget some ideas.

Also, remember to keep a record of where you get your ideas from, this can include, the name of the book, the author, the title as well as the page number.

Use unique arguments

Once you’re through with your research, summarize the main ideas. Do not copy other peoples’ statements; instead, pick critical points and write them uniquely in your own words.

Come up with an appealing essay structure

Come up with an essay structure that is appealing to the reader. For instance, you can use bullet points and a few words to describe each main point. Moreover, begin with the key points and play around with the structure until you feel everything is right, additionally an essay writing service comes in handy at this point.

Include a detailed essay body

Fill out the summaries you drafted earlier. Additionally, introduce evidence to support your theories under each main point together with the thoughts. Further, remember to discuss your ideas on the chosen topic in detail and incorporate any other ideas you wish to add.

However, ensure that the thoughts are provoking, exciting and informative. For a better flow of your ideas, end each paragraph with some conclusion or a sentence that leads to the next section. Once you’ve composed the essay body, go back to writing the introduction and the essay conclusion.

Make the introduction catchy

The introduction is the most critical part of your essay and determines how many people read your essay. Therefore; ensure that it grabs the attention of the reader and gives them a taste of the subsequent ideas. This will make them want to keep on reading. Also, describe what the reader will get from reading your essay and end with a clear point of view.

There are various elements you can incorporate to improve the introduction part of your essay. For instance; include personal stories; this can seize the attention of the reader and is very useful. A vivid tale gives the reader a clear picture and appealingly conveys the message. Also, you can incorporate pictures to make it more interesting.

Additionally, avoid making the introduction too long; ordinarily, two to three sentences are enough to pass the message across

Include an exceptional conclusion

Begin this part by briefly summarizing the results and the findings of your research. Inform the reader of your main conclusion and the reasons why. However, ensure that you have proofread and formatted your references that should be included at the end of the essay.

An excellent essay writing tip is to end the piece with a remarkable thought-provoking statement that sums up your findings.

The above essay writing tips will assist to come up with well-structured essays but remember to proofread your work thoroughly to ensure that there are no spellings, grammatical, or punctuation mistakes.

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