social media engagement

Engage with the social media properly to get better benefits

Today social media has assumed great importance as a means of engaging with customers. Three things which you should keep in mind for building up a positive social media presence for your business are:

  • Knowing your goal: It is very important to know why you want to create a presence in the social media. Generally it will either be for wanting to use this tool to
    • Sell a service or a product or
    • Build up an audience for your posts and messages.

Since the ways and means to go about achieving either of the purposes is quite different, you should be clear on what outcome you are looking for.

  • Knowing your target audience: The next thing to understand is who are your target audience or customers and where to find them. This will give you a clear idea of which platform will help you maximise your reach towards the same. Building up your social presence here will help you get the best returns for the efforts you put in, both in terms of money and time.
  • Engage properly and wisely on your social media page: Irrespective of whether you have a business in your name or some other name, create a separate exclusive business presence. This changes people’s perception about your business and make you seem very professional. Also it will give you a platform to engage with your target audience by
    • Asking relevant and pertinent questions ,
    • Conducting surveys of your products and services with them,
    • Planning your social media updates using inspirational quoted from everyday life etc.

This engagement will make them feel that they too have something to contribute in your business. This feeling of belonging will make them react favourably to your social media presence.

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On a specific note each social media platform needs different methods for building your social presence like:

  • Pinterest: This is a very popular online pin-boarding site which you can use to launch new products, services, tutorials and even blog posts. Herein you have to engage with your customers by
    • Creating a board on your own account which is themed on the service or product you sell and
    • Inviting other people to fill it up by adding “pins” or different images which can include anything from ideas to artwork and even funny or inspirational sayings and quotes.
  • Face Book: This is one of the most popular and used social media tool. You can engage with your customers here by
    • Having a face book fan page absolutely dedicated to your business,
    • Highlighting the performances of your employees and
    • Sharing stories or photographs of incidents related
      • To important and socially relevant events of your business and
      • To the lives of your employees.
    • Twitter: This is the most popular social media handle and if engaged properly, will enable you to improve your business engagement like no other tool can. The best way to engage on Twitter is by getting a bit personal with your business and giving it a personality. Hence be sure to
      • Add a personal touch to all your updates in the form of videos, sayings, quotes from daily life etc.,
      • Always reply to any queries that come up and
      • Put forth a reply to other status updates
    • LinkedIn: This is one of the greatest platforms for networking with
      • People related to your business,
      • Potential clients and
      • People belonging to the same industry.

You can start by participating in relevant niche groups and featuring them on your company’s LinkedIn page to let people know which groups you are involved in. This will enable related people to get in touch with you.