Email Marketing: The Vitality Of Digital Marketing in 2016

With so much happening online, it has become pretty easy for the online business person to converse with their clients and potential audiences online. So many channels, so many ways, so many tricks, in the limelight of all these strategies, most of the people are overlooking the importance of email marketing. If you are one of the above-talked business people then I must say you that you are organizing a major digital failure for your organization.


Email Marketing is not just notifying your clients about your latest blogs and other content posts. In short, email marketing is the art of delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Before we get to know what are the trending patterns of email marketing, let’s figure out in brief what actually email marketing is?

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the ways to reach your customers or potential audiences who have given you the rights to reach them via emails.

As said, “with great Power, come great Responsibility.”


This is surely applicable to email marketing. Most of the business organization are seen neglecting email marketing. Just because your customers or your potential audiences have provided you their email, it does not mean that you will constantly flood their inbox with your advertisements and other endorsing contents.

Instead, one needs to take email marketing seriously and mark it as a powerful channel that will keep getting their business ahead.

(I) Personalization Will Be Focused-

Real Time email marketing is the latest trick that is used by some of the best online businesses. The latest technology has enabled agile and proactive feedback which has enhanced great customer and business interaction. Boasting the emails with lots of unwanted content has become too old-fashion. Customers and audience are interested in those emails that caters to their personal taste, preference, and area of interest. It is pretty obvious that no one will be interested in a topic that is not benefiting them even though you have written it with so much care!!!


Engaging emails would be something that is user-oriented and would provide results to the users somehow instantly. Email your users but do not flood them with it. Provide information about their assets and you would get your things done.

(II)- Mobile Friendly-


More than 70% of the users prefer mobile to check their emails on daily basis. In 2016 and in the coming years, mobiles will be the most important aspect while structuring a marketing plan. Mobile, for sure, out market the desktops in the coming time. So email should be designed in such a way that it would be really fitting the mobile version of the emails. Make sure that your content is precise and informative. And the most important thing is that most of the mobile users complain that the emails are not supporting the mobile version and this is the reason why most of the marketers are failing with their email marketing tricks.

(III)- Social Media and Email Marketing Will Become More Intertwined-


Social media networks no more can simply say that email marketing is dead. Many online networking users are considering social media as a misuse of potential time or only an indiscretion of marking, emails are being considered more important. Clearly, the restored part of emails consolidating new plan approach played a major part in this. In 2016, we can see these two features of promoting coming all the closer and being more entwined. While online networking is thought to be a perfect medium to fabricate email list, the email content gets wealthier by joining some social networking content. In the months to come to this pattern is liable to cultivate significantly more.

(IV)- Behavior-Based Marketing-

Customer behavior based marketing will be a key factor that would provide a marketing strategy edge over the others.

With behavior-based marketing, targeting becomes more easy and focused. Fro ex- if you know that most of your customers are night owls, customers use mobile to check their mail, you can send them emails during the night hours so that you don’t get ignored by them. You can design your mail so that it would be really supporting on Mobile.


IN 2015, behavior based marketing performed 40% better than the traditional mail marketing. So it is expected that this year to get the similar kind of marketing from the marketers.

Whatever strategy you follow, but you cannot deny the fact that email marketing is dead. If you think that email marketing is dead then you are letting your competitors beating you on a big time. A creative and unique approach would help you make your strategy outshines the others in the market. Email marketing is the fastest changing trend in the digital marketing domain and is highly helpful for those who can mark the speedy change in the trends.