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Email marketing content – Smart ways to enhance it



Email marketing

There can be endless discussions on whether email marketing campaigns work or not! However, today, you will come across many business houses and brands that think customers use emails very less. Or customers don’t check their emails daily or regularly anymore. And this bewilders most companies who wants to count on email marketing, but are at a complete fix.

Importance of email content

According to most SEO experts, the ideal place to showcase your business brand is where you have access to more customers.  The Radicati Group conducted a research which revealed that the total email user count in 2015, was 2.6 billion. In the last few years, this count has likely increased. Research also shows that about 2.23 billion people use Facebook every month. The percentage of email users are visibly more here.

Hence, it is imperative to have a dedicated email marketing strategy. Else you might miss out on a massive chunk of clients. Also, email marketing enables you to keep your present customers happy by connecting with them as you share your new email content.  It is always important to care about your current clients before you reach out to new ones. Do you want to get sorted with your email content? If yes, then you need to take the help of an expert service provider. To know more, you can visit Riseonline and get professional assistance.

How to generate improved email marketing content?

Do you have an email marketing strategy but are getting negative open rates? If you resonate with this, you need to up your email marketing game. Discussed below are five smart ways you can opt-in for.

  1. Know the importance of your email marketing content

Before you start the process, make sure that you have something valuable to provide your audience.  Know that people till date will read an important email which has something useful to offer. SEO experts believe that email is the ideal way to acquire new customers than social media. According to a McKinsey report, almost 90% of the U.S customers open their emails daily. Email marketing also ensures better conversions.

  1. You should only email to those who want to hear from you

Every online business brand wants to maximize profits! Email marketing can help, only if you send the email marketing content to people who take a keen interest in your brand. You should focus all your efforts on clearing your subscriber list annually. Some brands do this on a quarterly or monthly basis. It will keep you connected to those users who want to read your content. And this also helps to maximize your email open rates.

How can you keep the email list clean? For this, you will first have to ensure that there are zero typos in the email address. When your email reaches to a wrong email address, it gets wasted. It could be that the person holding the correct email address could have responded to your email marketing mail with a positive response. You need to keep on recognizing the contacts that repeatedly bounce with almost all the email campaigns. Once you’ve made a list you can strike out those email addresses from the email list.

Once this process gets done, make a list of users who don’t get connected to you on your emails. Observe their engagement ratio for a while, and you can delete them as well, to further clean your list.

  1. Tweak your email formats as well

You can add videos and images with your email content. You should also consider trying out other options as well. As when you stick to one format, it might just become incredibly dull. Also, there are times when consumers tag emails with videos and pictures as something promotional.

You might want to experiment by sending only text-emails for about a month. It will make your consumers feel that you have something important to announce. Usually, if it’s an urgent message declaring a new product launch or revamps, you can add an important note from your CEO. Here a text-only email with a link to a video will work correctly. You might find people responding to the mail asking for more information.

You should keep all the text-only emails crisp, informative, and compact. Don’t make it sketchy in an attempt to be short. You should provide the relevant details that will tweak the interest of your target customers and make them act on it. It doesn’t mean that you must stop sending the visual emails.  However, you simply need to blend the formats sometimes.

  1. Get your email content optimized for mobile devices

Return Path researched by assessing more than 27 billion emails opens. The research revealed that almost 55% of the users clicked and opened the email from their Smartphone’s. Hence, you need to resort to apt device detection, give more emphasis to header text, and make sure that you opt-in for the CTAs that make sense. In fact, if you want you can add a link with the CTA as well.

Sometimes, adding buttons is a smart call. It is helpful when your readers are quickly glancing through a newsletter and the like. You should use at least one button in your email content. Select the best size and the color as well.

  1. Know that frequent emails will not help

Sometimes, both business houses and marketers become slightly overzealous with emails. They keep sending them at regular intervals. That will not help in any way. You need to understand your communication objective, and that will help you create the best email. You will realize instinctively what is appropriate for you. When you send more emails, consumers tend to count that as spam. And this way, your email marketing message could get lost.

There is no need to think whether email marketing is coming to an end. Email marketing is here to stay! Today, inbound marketing is becoming more popular. More and more customers today check their inboxes to get relevant marketing messages from their choicest brands. You need to manage your email marketing content with the latest trends, and you can leverage it completely.

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