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Effective Ways to Drive More Organic Traffic Using Local SEO

The past few years have been characterized by a change in local search, and smart internet marketing provides an opportunity to rank your business better in local SEO.Optimizing for the whole page can make all the difference between driving more leads from Google to your business and leaving all the business to your competition. Running a business is often difficult and requires hard work to succeed. A steady flow of old, loyal existing customers is good. However, it is even better to keep these loyal customers while attracting a stream of new customers. Updating your site often is a good way to improve local search. Below are effective ways to drive more organic traffic using local SEO.

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Know the Right Keywords

Finding the right keywords that customers use to find you is perhaps one of the best ways to stay visible in the online arena. For instance, if you are a plumber in Miami, Florida, then “Miami Florida plumbers” is a crucial keyword phrase for your site Other important keyword phrases may include “plumbers in Miami, Florida”, “Miami, FL plumber,” and more.

Get your Local Business on Google Local

Local Google+ pages and Google Places for Business can be confusing but are both important for your business. The latter came up to make it easier for potential customers to find your business using Google Maps. Key information here includes your address, contact information, and opening hours. Local Google+ pages. However, allow more communication with your customers for more exposure. The added social interaction to your local listing is good for your local business.

Optimize your Content

High quality content is non-negotiable in today’s content creation. Content is important for both web visitors as well as search engines. “Stuffing” your content with keywords is no longer a viable strategy as far as local search engine optimization is concerned.


No search engine favors inconsistent listings of a business online. This means that inconsistency can negatively impact your online presence. Ensure your business details are consistent across all websites, with the exact wording of your physical address, phone number, as well as business name. The same details on your site should feature on your local directories, local review sites, as well as social media profiles.

Create Your Local Listings

Creating and claiming all listings for your specific business on all review websites and local directories are an important part of improving your local SEO. Since each listing denotes a citation, and citations form a critical component used by Google and other top search engines in their ranking algorithm, your business will have to use a citation. Create a listing on Google, Bing, Yahoo Local, as well as on other key local directories.

Gaining favorable ranking on Google and other top search engines is not an easy task as far as local SEO is concerned. It requires hard work and key strategies. However, with the above tips, you can help rank your local business on top of search engines and thwart your competition. Follow these five tips to rank better, as they are the keys to success.

  1. Excellent tips I am starting to do more long tail keywords to help drive traffic, but to have a successful website you have to do all the things right. With more practice though overtime you learn about new things to help improve your site. It honestly really is trial and error as you gain traction with your website.